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Women, Denim & (Men’s) Watches : When the Ladies take over our Toys

Le 9 October 2015

Ladies, Gentlemen. Today I would like to bring a topic that is very dear to me and which I believe may surely not displease you. I have been hearing for some time now certain recurring comments, implying that we do not like women as we, misogynists, only deal with men’s watches.

Good god ! While I cannot deny the fact that we are dealing exclusively with men’s watches, I nevertheless have to scream out loud our love for women. Ladies ! We do think about you all the time !

Which brings me to my next point: Ladies, please! Go pick watches from our boxes, go steal your husband Submariner (take great care of it, obviously), secretly take from him this Universal Genève bicompax he got from his grandfather and wear it with pride… you will get use to it in no time! You will not be any less feminine and he will fall in love with you all over again whenever he sees on your wrist this ultimate accessory of the independent and adventurous women he fell for in the first place.

Seriously though, if your couple is going through hard times, it may even be a way to mend your relationship, to revive that little spark and make him discover this hidden side of your personality!

Breitling Superocean - Wrist

Editor’s note: Ladies. Your husband does not like to share his toys? You do not want him to be upset if ever you happen to scratch the crystal of his favourite watch? Do not worry one bit as it will not last. Why ? Simply because just as the first concern we may feel when you wear our favorite crisp white shirt to chill at home … it makes you very irresistible!

Tudor Big Block - Look BW

To make my point and prove this theory in an unbiased and extremely scientific manner, we teamed up with the American designer Ella Tsoy and  the LA based denim manufacturer Tortoise, in Paris for Fashion Week. Their original creations and “boyfriend” fits served the purpose beautifully !

Tudor Big Block - Look

Exceptionally, and to fully play by women rules on this one, I decided to reach a photographer I am really fond of, the Pink Ribbon Photo Award Estee Lauder Winner : The French photographer Vanessa Moselle. After all who better than a woman’s eye to capture those magical moments? (I have to say I would have gladly taken a shot at it myself but unfortunately, science comes first)


To complete this day in Paradise, (During which not falling in love with any of our lovely models Marine and Eva really was a challenge. I was clearly not up for it), we picked up a few pieces from our favorite watch expert Romain Rea to dress the wrists of our ladies. We deliberately chose three mythical watches, very masculine too, simply to encourage you to be more daring !

A vintage Tudor Big Block with a panda dial, a Breitling Superocean from the 60s (with a much sought after Venus caliber) and a beautiful Omega constellation and its “pie pan” dial with a lovely patina.


See ? Whether you steal from us a chronograph, a dive watch or a discrete three hander, you pull it off the most elegant way. I won’t deny it, we did not pick the hardest to bear. These three watches clearly created desire and emotion and carry in them the traces of  a life that passed decades. A day in Paradise I said ? Must be close.

So Darling, you can slowly start to forget about those diamond filled 29mm cases and let yourself be tempted by the dark side of the force… a world of possibilities awaits you. Opportunities that will not even endanger your savings account if your husband happens to be a man of great taste (hence the importance of choosing  a man of great taste …).

Omega Constellation - Look

I do not know what you think about my theory yet, but I personally was near heaven. Beauty and simplicity where the saying “less is more” once again reveals the power of its meaning.

I let you discover the remaining beautiful pictures from Vanessa to put you in the mood of the day …

Omega Constellation - Look

Breitling Superocean - Denim Jacket Look

So ladies? Convinced? See ? We do not forget you, ever.

How to reach them ?

If just like me you fell for Marine & Eva dressed in Tortoise denim by designer Ella Tsoy : here it is

If just like me you fell for the eye of Vanessa Moselle, you can get in touch with her here.

Finally if just like me you have been hit by the beauty of those exceptional watches, go see Romain Rea at his shop, you’ll have a good time ! We also invite you to visit his Instagram account: @watches_in_paris

We also would like to thank the Agry shop, on Rue Castiglione for allowing us to use their beautiful shop as a set for shooting some of those pictures. We really were charmed by the woodwork and tapestries in the Charles X style. This Heraldic Engravings House have been in Paris since 1825 and seven generations of this family have succeeded to maintain this tradition alive. When I’m talking about authenticity…