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The Watch Snack: Patricia Silva

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 5 March 2017

Watch Snack (noun):

“Article made of high-end watchmaking visuals & the sharing of insider Parisian spots worth visiting. Intense pleasure for the eyes and the taste buds, the Watch Snack is a source of inspiration that may very well bring you to your next acquisition as well as to the place where you’ll announce it to your lady friend.”

This is the usual Watch Snack we’ve been presenting you for the last few weeks. Today’s Watch Snack is a bit different, but just as interesting. If you know anything about us, you’re well aware of our passion for beautiful timepieces. We have, quite naturally, widened our horizons in our appreciation of the beauty in this world. I’m speaking of you ladies…

I’ve already tried convincing you to steal our watches a while ago in an open letter illustrated by our friend Vanessa Moselle. This time we have the help of Parisian photographer QV and Brazilian model Patricia Silva to convince you how easy it is for you to make these watches work. Something tells me it won’t be a great challenge.

Watch Snack: Patricia SilvaI will now leave you with Patricia, who very nicely stopped by on a Saturday afternoon between Milan, Los Angeles and São Paulo to participate in our demonstration. Heuer Monaco 1133B, Speedmaster Premoon, Nivada Chronomaster and Tudor Oyster prince were her companions of the day. You’ll see, there’s no need for watches decorated with diamonds, gold, Easter egg-colored or iridescent dials. As for you gents, I’m sure the lovely Patricia will be able to convince you as well…

Watch Snack: Patricia SilvaPatricia Silva - Heuer MonacoPatricia Silva - Omega-SpeedmasterPatricia Silva - Nivada ChronomasterSo, are we convinced? If the size of your wrist permits it, take the leap! Come and steal these watches we love so much from us. Open the watch boxes we carefully keep, filled with love as the result of numerous sleepless nights searching, discussing, learning…

It goes without saying, you have to really like it…but if it’s the case, know that we highly encourage this type of behavior!

For those of you interested in knowing more about Patricia Silva & QV photos, look no further:

Model: Patricia Silva / instagram@mepatriciasilva
Makeup artist : Mounya Chalgoumi / instagram@mounya_ines
Photographer :  Qv / instagram@nqvphoto1 / www.nqvphoto.com