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The “New” Vintage Watches at Joseph Bonnie

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 15 July 2017

Apart from the large selection of vintage watches we add every few months on our online boutique, we sometimes come across little gems that we can’t wait to talk to you about. We’d like you to meet three of them today.

Zenith Military WWII

In the category of military watches with beautiful patina and stories to tell, we recently presented you a very beautiful military Cyma from the famous “Dirty Dozen,” produced in 1945 for the British Army (read the French article here). Today let’s travel to the other side of the Normandy landings, the bunker side and the language of Göethe. If Germany’s WWII ideologies are obviously best thrown out with the garbage, one unfortunately cannot deny that these bastards had a certain sense of style in the large scale, Hugo Boss costumes and Swiss watches.

Zenith Military watch

Suspicious joke aside, the “Grosse Flieguhr” by IWC isn’t the only relevant piece worth noting here. Zenith was also one of the first watchmakers to equip the Army Corps with pocket and wristwatches, especially for the Signal Corps of the U.S. Army and the Royal British Navy.

This Zenith timepiece made for the German Army has everything you’d wish for in a military watch: a very bold case for its age, excellent clarity thanks to its radium Sword hands, large Arabic numerals and minute track, and above all, a marvellous gilt dial.

Zenith Military

This model boasts a robust 12-4-6 Caliber inside a contained size of 34.5mm, making it a nice dressy watch that easily glides under your shirt cuff without hurting it…a serious advantage indeed.

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Steel Omega Constellation “Pie Pan”

Omega Constellations, there are quite a few of them around. Created in 1952, this watch has remained a true watchmaking reference. An icon which has known an impressive number of dial variations. The references most sought after today are obviously the ones that sport “Pie Pan” dials and certified chronometer movements… This is one such fine specimen. 

Omega Constellation - Pie Pan Dial & Leather Rallye Strap

The pretty picture is completed by Dauphine hands and applied markers for a guaranteed three-dimensional effect. A piece that brings out the passion in us!

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Movado x Zenith XL Tronic

Here we have something a bit less conventional but glides on the wrist surprisingly well, and for good reason. This watch isn’t just a symbol of the creativity of the 1970’s, it also represents the collaboration between two remarkable brands, Zenith and Movado. With the double signature written on the linen dial, this is both an elegant and sporty watch.

Movado XL Tronic watch

Developed by Zenith, the XL Tronic Caliber is also a bit of history that you’d enjoy sharing with those who appreciate unique watches far from the beaten path, and which, I bet, won’t have on their wrist! A simple glance at this needle, connected to the diapason movement of exceptional fluidity, and everything makes sense.

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