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Vintage watches & Joseph Bonnie: Starting 2017 with a bang

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 24 January 2017

The Force is back! And we’re not only talking about the new Star Wars movie.  An awakening of vintage watches is at hand, and it’s happening at Joseph Bonnie.  Word of advice: these are not pieces to be considered lightly.  From the simple and tasteful Longines Conquest to the legendary Tudor Snowflake, you’re in for a real surprise.  Give into the thrill, give into the chill. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

Omega Seamaster: One big happy family, reunited for the occasion

As you all know, I’m sure, Omega is a pioneer of marine exploration.  It’s no coincidence, then, that we sometimes find these marvelous pieces at our wrists.  The distinguished Seamaster family was launched in 1948 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the brand.

Seamaster 300

It was in 1957 that a little wonder came to life, around the same time as the now famous Speedmaster and Railmaster: the 2913 (small surpise regarding this reference in a moment).  The piece is followed by the 165.014, another fine specimen made to please.  Its success would lead to the reproduction of the breathtaking Seamaster Bond.

Omega Seamaster 300

The model we’re presenting to you today is the reference 165.024, produced after the 165.014.  Its sword-like hands and lugs resembling arms of a lyre…does any of this ring a bell? These are the same elements we appreciate so much on the Speedmaster.

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Seamaster 200 « SHOM »

You’re probably wondering what « SHOM » means. Excellent question gents.  It’s for Service Hydrographique Océanographique de la Marine.  Rare models of Seamaster 200 made in the 1970’s that have a real diver toolwatch air about them, able to embellish any neoprene wetsuit.

Omega Seamaster 200 - SHOM

Sporting a stylish diameter of 42mm, this is the 166.0177 with a metal mesh bracelet, characteristic of diver watches we so do admire.

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Seamaster 60

From the same illustrious family, here’s another authentic piece with the same diver toolwatch feel.  Released in the 1970’s, this Seamaster can handle up to 60m of deep sea action.  More often displaying a blue dial, we seldom see the red version coveted by collectors.

Omega Seamaster 60 - Burgundy

Here shown is the reference 166.062 with a handsome « burgundy » background, and a user-friendly diameter at 37mm.

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Enicar at the top of his game


Enicar’s acclaimed performance on Mount Everest in 1956 naturally paved the way for the Sherpa.  During the course of the 60’s however, Enicar lauched the Aqua Graph chronograph.  We can easily recognize the piece by its unique double-ringed bezel: a black traditional bezel and an independant red ring in order to time 2 events if desired.

Enicar Aquagraph - black Tropic strap

Our example is a MKII from the 1960’s.  With a nice diameter of 40mm and a Panda dial, this is a true find for collectors in search of that “unique piece.”

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A line of Longines Conquest

 A great classic for aficionados of timeless vintage pieces.  A line from 1954, when Longines decides to change their tactics by integrating the notion of grand collections to their brand.  Flagship, created 3 years later, is another powerful example.  An exquisite blue coat of arms decorates the case back.

Longines Conquest lineup

It’s with enormous pleasure that we present several models to you today: a Conquest with a date display at noon, an elegant « Arrow markers » Conquest without date display, and sandwiched in between the two, a Conquest of pristine condition, showing the date at 3 o’clock.

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Observatory of Omega Constellations

This is the kind of watch that opens the way to a great collection.  Sign of prestige and architectural perfection, the Constellation is a success in every possible way.  The history of this piece dates back to 1952, when Omega noticed a skyrocketing demand for the Centenary, commemorative anniversary model created in 1948.  Perfect timing to release a chronometer watch.  Bumper included.

Omega Constellation

Several of these gems are in our possession.  A charming little Constellation in stainless steel with a Quickset date feature and a magnificent silver dial.  Another Constellation boasting a pie-pan shape and HoneyComb dial.  Didn’t we mention earlier that you’d be in for a surprise?

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The House of Tudor, smelling like a rose

Two Tudor watches like none other.  Both witnesses to a remarkable evolution, through rose-colored glasses…  A submariner 7928, developed between 1959 and 1968, proudly showing the legendary Tudor rose on its dial, pre-shield.  Our model possesses an exceptional « Ghost » patina on the bezel and has a solid diameter of 40mm.

To both Tudor enthusiasts and neophytes, the perfect Snowflake has fallen upon us.  We’ll note the hands, characteristic of submariners made between 1969 and 1976.  While the iconic 9411/0 existed in deep blue, here shown is the black version, complete with an irresistible faded patina.

For more on the Tudor Rose, click here.  For the Snowflake, this way please.

Sweet emotions signed by Rolex Red Sub

Sometimes a watch is so powerful, it calls out to you, moves you profoundly.  The 1680 « Red Sub » is such a watch.  The red writing on the dial is finer than on the other 1680s.  The original piece dates to 1969, the first Submariner with a cyclops lens over the date display.  The inscription of « Submariner » was in red during the beginning years of production.  White writing took over in 1974.

Rolex Submariner 1680 Red

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A little Omega gem

Code name 33.3, for 1933 of course.  This caliber was originally produced by Lemania.  Omega then produced magnificent chronographs in the 1940’s, and a remarkable diameter at that…an impressive 37.5mm.  Clearly a small diameter by today’s standards.  A perfect size nonetheless.  We’ve kept the authentic piece in its original state and style so that the lives it has lived can now be felt on your wrist almost a century later.

Omega Chronograph 33.3 - Rose gold

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I wasn’t kidding when I warned your about the thrill. It’s for real. Finding these watches is a true passion for us, offering you more choice, as well as the best possible finds for your viewing and wearing pleasure…

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