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Tudor Black Bay 36, elegantly robust for him & her

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 15 February 2017

Julien, esteemed and good friend of the Rhabilleurs, told us an amusing and true story one day about a brand that make our eyes sparkle: Tudor. A friend of his (#truestory) offered a magnificent gift to his sweetheart: the new Black Bay in 36mm. Wait for it… He had a small ulterior motive in the back of his mind (but this diminishes neither the generosity of his gesture nor the love in his heart mind you). The great idea was that « occasionally, » he could borrow the lovely piece from his wife.

We get it. With the arrival of this new member to the Black Bay family, we have before us a watch that is just as comfortable on a biker’s wrist as it is on a young lady’s of delicate bone structure. You don’t believe me? Well we tested it.
Tudor Black Bay 36mm

Reasons for the change?

The main difference, as I’m sure you’ve already noticed, lies with the size of the case. Tudor dared, and Tudor conquered. Reduce the size of cases that were increasing as the years went by was risky business. At the mere mention of such an idea like changing the size, the watch industry shivers. Here we have a 36mm case size that has kept the Black Bay spirit alive.

We remember that the Heritage collection of 2010 was an edition that combined iconic codes of the brand marvelously well. We have the pleasure of seeing it again today with a timer, the famous « Snowflake » hands, and a large crown engraved with the famous rose.

If this watch is also very popular among ladies, which isn’t surprising, it isn’t only thanks to its modest size, but for the simplicity and the purity of its design as well, adapting itself to all occasions.

Those with fine wrists will find this piece most enjoyable to wear. Curiously, or not, our lumberjack friends with more imposing masculine wrists also rejoice in comfort.

Tudor Black Bay 36mm

Let’s cut to the case. 36mm of smooth and polished Tudor quality, brushed lugs, and here we are caught in a wave of emotion. The case back is screwed down. The crown is like one of those « big crowns » without shouldering that many of us like on a watch. And surprise, the Tudor Rose seal we all miss seeing on the dial, is proudly sitting on the crown. The case can handle up to 150 meters of underwater exploration.

The dial, deep-black and entirely polished and lacquered, is a Tudor nod to its iconic diver watches of the 1950’s. Thick snowflake-like hour markers have been set around the dial. A glossy and assertive bezel completes the pretty picture with simplicity and harmony.

Our biggest surprise from last year’s Baselworld show boasts a Tudor 2824 automatic movement. Self-winding. An ETA movement that Tudor displays openly with a modest power reserve of only 38 hours, but a resistant and reliable movement nonetheless. A real “workhorse” that has shown what he’s made of, making this a real genuine toolwatch, an elegant one, but an undeniable toolwatch.

Tudor Black Bay 36mm - Vanessa Moselle

You have two choices: keep the steel or aged-leather bracelet on the watch, or opt for a fatigue-style bracelet in fabric we like very much. The buckle that follows the curves of the Tudor shield completes the charm of this made-in-France bracelet.

Tudor Black Bay 36mm - Fabric Bracelet

A mechanical watch both dressy and sporty, for him and for her, that embodies the spirit of the Black Bay collection and iconic Tudor models. At 2670€ for the model with a steel bracelet and 2370€ for one with an aged-leather bracelet. A bargain for our friend who will please his wife, as well as for others (us included) who are waiting for such a piece to add to their collection.

Whether you’re a biker or delicate flower, try it on and you’ll be surprised by its versatility.

And if by rewarding ourselves another face glows with happiness…wouldn’t this be the greatest gift of all? Officially speaking at least…

Many thanks to Vanessa Moselle for these beautiful photos

Photographer: Vanessa Moselle
Model: Margaux
Hair Stylist: Léa Zimmerman
Make-up Artist: Laurie Villanova