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The place to be: Mayaro, a high-end concept store that “doesn’t exist”

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 16 April 2017

We here at Les Rhabilleurs have a soft spot for beautiful things, and especially those with beauty of soul. This is surely no surprise. Now what if I were to tell you that we recently unearthed a one-of-a-kind gem in the heart of Paris’s 7th district that will change the way you look at concept stores….forever? It’s true.

Three syllables. Three individuals.

Ma-ya-ro, a high-end concept store for men created by Nicolas Floquet, hedonist, entrepreneur, collector, accompanied by the directors of the house Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles, who breathed life back into the historic brand of handmade fans, Duvelleroy.

With a love and profound respect for beautiful artisanal objects and the know-how behind it, the three individuals came together to create a space that would bring talented innovative artisans together and optimise creative behaviour. Nothing flashy or gaudy here, only authentic pieces of exceptional craft and quality. Thank goodness…

The ultimate concept store for men

Opened since September 2016, the Mayaro “place of activity” at 29, rue Amélie will intrigue you. What is this place? Is it an art gallery? Is it a store? Or are we playing Peeping Tom with the apartment of someone very, very cool with excellent taste? Although the third option does seem more than plausible (and then of course we would all turn green with envy), it’s actually Mayaro’s three story think tank. This is where know-how meets innovation, where artisans, hedonists, culture buffs and the curious meet, discuss, create.

So that you may have a better idea, allow me to give you a brief tour, but please, a little self-control here Gentlemen as there is a lot to get (overly) excited about in here…

The ground floor is impregnated with a sense of travel spiced with a dash of fantasy. Interested in the mysteries and poetry of outer space? At Mayaro you’re greeted with hanging and posed sculptures of the planet Mars with true NASA proportions and each involving over 700 hours of crafting and cutting.

What about a hot air balloons? Your mind will be floating in the clouds after you see the wicker basket/reception desk and the envelope deconstructed into large window curtains.

Mayaro - Hot air balloon wicker basket reception desk

Maybe you’re more down-to-Earth and will be first attracted to the magnificent carbon-free artisanal bicycle by Maison Tamboite, or the impressive liquor trunk made by Iota Element, with an optional refrigerated compartment.

Mayaro - Custom-made liquor trunk by Iota Element

The leather accessory addict will detect the array of leather sunglasses by Lucas de Staël, exquisite leather shoes by Christophe Corthay (formerly of Maison Corthay) and Tranchet Vif, and bespoke gloves by Lavabre Cadet.

Most pieces are especially designed with and crafted for Mayaro to develop a unique offer for men in search of something more than just another “luxury” product, void of depth and soul.

The music-lover will more definitely spend some time flipping through vinyls, while literature enthusiasts will gravitate toward the selection of fine literature by publisher and bookseller Christophe Daviet-Théry, expert at building custom-made libraries.

For you gastronomes, a whole space just up the stairs is dedicated to you. A cozy tasteful dining room and gourmet kitchen area with all the necessities where Michelin-starred chef Sven Chartier together with sommelier Ewen Le Moigne concoct epicurean pleasures for the palate.

Going downstairs, you’ll find yourself at the heart and brain of the think tank, their office. There’s no doubt about it. You definitely feel the silent but mighty creative forces bubbling from all corners of that room.

A place to be that “doesn’t exist”

Mayaro - The Chimera, emblem of the house

The mascot of this wondrous space is the Chimera, a mythical fire-breathing creature from Ancient Greek legends that doesn’t exist in our mortal world. Carefully chosen by the three pioneers of this fantastic adventure, the magical beast represents all the fine artisanal creations and projects that don’t exist…yet. Opening the door to Mayaro means opening the door to see what can be. This is where innovative ideas meet with extraordinary talent, and hedonistic dreams become reality.

For more information on Mayaro, please click here (available in French only).

29, rue Amélie
75007 Paris