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Romain Jerome Subcraft : a new UHO on your wrist!

Le 20 July 2015

Have you ever driven an old BMW? You konw, those cars of “the good old days inside” of which the driver space was respected yet? Where the main counters are oriented toward the driver so that only the one who was driving the vehicle could gain access to the main informations? To the speedometer, of course! Delightful!

That is what Romain Jerome‘ creations remind us of with the Subcraft or MB&F with is ts “Horological Machine Numero 5” . These timepieces give access to hours as a priority to its owners.

That’s so f****** true! Since when the speed has become easy to reach for everyone? Why do we not favour the happy owner of a motorised toy rather than its entourage? This is valid as for a car as for a watch…

Romain Jerome Subcraft dial

Anyway? Romain Jerome displayed his Spacecraft which left honestly few people indifferent in 2013. The Black Spacecraft was disclosed one year later.

So, Romain Jerome presents its Subcraft in 2015. An additional development compared to the 2 previous watches. From its angles, the watch is being bowed, is softer, smoother, almost organic, while keeping its main design and after all its signature hour display…

Romain Jerome Subcraft dial

The design of the Subcraft was reworked in association with Alain Silberstein to create a watch that takes inspiration on “fluid design” (objects in roundness and curves). Its aerodynamic shape fits with the pilot’s function of the watch. Without straight lines, it enables this futuristic concept to come alive thanks to an pioneering and technically advanced mechanism.

Romain Jerome Subcraft movement

The titanium grade 5 or titanium covered by black PVD case hides indeed a particularly complicated movement created by Jean-Marc Wiederrecht : “The combination of these four functions, lateral, linear, jumping and retrograde, is previously unseen”

The watch movement is composed of a cart which, pulled away by the spring, enables the hour display on the part of the watch thanks to a red-lacquered runner that moves every 60 minutes under the metallized sapphire glass.

Romain Jerome Subcraft wrist shot

The minutes display is as for it on the watch’s cover, under the black spherical glass underlining the Subcraft’s design. The minutes counter is in white to emphasize the contemporary aesthetics of the figures.