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Sébastien Loeb’s spin!

Le 31 January 2013

It is during SIHH 2013 that we got the news. Sébastien Loeb officially enters Richard Mille‘s ambassadors dream team. Our friend and journalist Hervé Borne* has interviewed him for this occasion.

When we know more or less Sébastien Loeb and his taste for watches, there is nothing surprising to see him hanging around inside the SIHH. In contrast, learning that he integrates Richard Mille‘s dream team is a real surprise.

Until that time “friend” of Marvin Watches – average € 1000 – he participated in various chronographs designs commemorating some of its 9 successive World Rally Championship tracks. He used to explain this partnership by saying: “I love working with Marvin also for its affordable prices because I wanted my fans to be able to afford these watches”.

But then now, what’s going on? The cheapest masculine watch signed Richard Mille is sold € 60,000 and among the novelties of the year, the 100% sapphire case model is “about 1.5 million” as they say in the corridors of the house…

To Sébastien Loeb, himself, to explain: “My project with Richard Mille is different, I knew its watches through the world of racing, I love the models whose we see the mechanism, the engine, I’ll finally be able to drive with a watch on my wrist. This is also a change that corresponds to my career change. I left the rally, Marvin, I get on the track (he now participates in the WTCC World Championship), with Richard Mille”.

I hope that some of the pilot’s fans will win the lottery…

Copyright : © Dennis Grombkowski-Getty Image

* French journalist specialized in watchmaking, the industry has no secrets for him. Grand Reporter for Montres Magazine, it is to him that we owe watchmaking subjects published in the “M” the magazine of the “Monde”, the JDD, Monsieur…