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#Replay : the best videos made by Les Rhabilleurs

Les Rhabilleurs
Le 18 August 2015

This year, at Les Rhabilleurs, we have been getting used to providing you previously unseen experiences about watches, and this, in sound and light show.

Every exceptional watch has an unique story along with its own universe that transports us and inspires us dreams like kids in front of toys shop windows…

Based on this nearly mystical fascination, we had the desire to turn into pictures (but not only, in videos too) our encounters with beautiful watches but also talented people who opened the gates of their world for a day, an afternoon, a morning…

“PopCornTime”… That’s how we have called this minute of intense visual pleasure, this appetizer before getting to the heart of the matter of our watchmaking articles.

Surfers, mechanical wonders, workshops, and of course, a watch on the wrist… Today we give you the possibility to (re)live these videos just like if you were there and to enjoy those moments caught from the past that excited us ! (How lucky you are!)

Without further delay, turn the speakers up all the way, click on “play” and enjoy your viewing!

Surfing with the new Tudor Pelagos !

One day, Laurent said to me, “If you have to shoot a surfing video, mate, I’m your man!” A few months later, TUDOR asked me if we wanted to do something with the new Pelagos 2015. Three weeks ago I was enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, taking time to reflect on all that, “Mmm, A Pelagos on a diver. Too easy. But, that would look so cool on a surfer!”

Corum Bubble x DB HBR5 : on the road to Versailles

We don’t often have the good luck to stand alongside two objetcs like those we are going to present you here. Especially as when their encounter is the result of two totally different stories. On one hand, a real surprise at Baselworld when the watch brand Corum displays us its new version of the Bubble watch, and on the other hand, a burgeonning friendship with a rare vintage cars enthusiasts. And beautiful ! Even more than that…

March Lab AM59 : “Morning ride in Paris”

He grabs his gloves, mobile and keys. He drains the last drop of the barely tepid espresso brought by a waiter whistling a tune he heard that morning on the radio.He checks the time on his watch. Turns his head to the right to check once again that it’s still there. It’s time. I will say no more.Except that this Triumph Bonneville T100 is a marvel. But what can you say about the March Lab AM59 that our friend William has on his wrist? Superb…

Tudor North Flag x Motori Italiani

Some people have dreams. Others make them come true – my thoughts precisely when I visited Motori Italiani accompanied by my pal, Julian, to go and “shoot”(as they say in the business) a specific watch that many people are expecting to have a big impact: the TUDOR North Flag.

Baume et Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra : “Pushing the limits at Monthléry

V8 at 90 degrees, 420 horsepower, 0 to 100 Km/h in 4.2 seconds…just hearing the sound of its engine will give you goose bumps. My focus for today is to send a shiver of delight down your spine, to give you a taste of what Les Rhabilleurs have under the bonnet and with our little team we will be in second gear very soon….With an incredible automobile and a beautiful watch as backdrop: the Baume et Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra.