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Our interview with Kari Voutilainen for the EKSO Watches Gallery

Les Rhabilleurs
Le 25 October 2013

As you may have suspected, Vianney Halter couldn’t be the only one we filmed (see his video here). Still partnering with the EKSO Watches Gallery, we had the pleasure to meet and chat with another well-known craftsman: Kari Voutilainen.

This Finn worked for Parmigiani Mesure et Art du Temps for 10 years, taught at the Neuchâtel watchmaking school and finally set up his workshop in Motiers, in the watchmaking region of the Val Travers, where he designs his real masterpieces.

The Voutilainen Vingt-8 is a perfect example, with its sturdy mechanism in its stylish case, two direct impulse escapement wheels to save its energy, an absolutely sublime balance bridge and an uninterrupted view of the escapement and balance.

An exceptional timepiece in more ways than one, it was among those he showed us during an exclusive interview which we invite you to discover today. And even in French! Believe us, after that, the false polemic of the Smart-Watches will no longer have any impact on your thoughts about beautiful mechanical horology.

His vision of horology is more that of an artist toward his work, rather than a brand toward a product. All being done with a craftsman’s touch in his workshops, “handmade” takes on real meaning there.

For Kari Voutilainen, watchmaking is truly a question of Art and of a job well done. His is the master craftsman’s know-how, shared with a handful of other watchmakers who also display their work at the EKSO Watches Gallery. A place that we recommend you visit sooner or later: www.eksowatches.com

We have heard that other Master-Watchmakers may be tempted to appear in one of our videos, so….. See you in a few weeks for new episodes.

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