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Omega Speedmaster Mark II: The neglected gem

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 1 March 2017

Omega Speedmaster. A name that resonates in our ears like a legend. An iconic watch that has been to the moon at the wrist of famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin. We all know the story of the model that made history on July 21st, 1969, but we sometimes overlook it’s younger brother, launched that same year. I’m talking about the one without lugs, the one with a tachymeter scale added on to the glass: the Speedmaster Mark II.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II - Side detail

I’d like to speak about this watch for different reasons. First because I think it simply looks amazing with its thick case of massive brushed steel and polished straight corners, but more importantly, we’re still able to find reasonably-priced specimens on the market today. Not only will you have a collector’s watch with a intriguing history who has nothing to prove to anyone, as well as an Omega hand-wound mechanical chronograph movement, but a truly iconic design that screams the 1970’s and yet remains timeless in my opinion…

Just look at the form of the watch, this brushed finishing (that I personally can’t get enough of), and not to mention the tachymeter scale on the flat mineral glass to give the dial great depth. The dial of this particular model has been directly inspired by the intergalactic one, but has been dressed in an irresistible grey.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II - Focus

The change in color is related to its age, 50-some years old, but also an after-effect of humidity throughout the years. Now you know the importance of the quality of an original dial when evaluating a second-hand watch. Naturally. The dial, preserved in its original condition has never been repainted (luckily). It also displays a charming grey patina, full of character…similar to the crackled lacquer of a Submariner 5513 Spider that we admire so much.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II - Look

There no doubt, the Speedmaster Mark II proves to be abundant in virtues: history, patina, movement, functions and design. A concentrated dose of pure pleasure to be worn without moderation and under any circumstance.

Unfortunately, the model pictured here is no longer available on the market. It now belongs to a friend of ours who’s off adventuring in Canada. But for those of you interested, we have a similar model in our shop. Click here for the one who wants to pull the trigger…