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Omega Ranchero, a simple beauty

Le 28 January 2016

An Omega Ranchero is quite a big deal, don’t you think ? Let me just remind you why. Created in the late 50’s by Omega, the Ranchero line took some of the most iconic Omega watches’ features, which supposedly  predestined the lineup to turn iconic itself. But it didn’t exactly go as planed…

Omega Ranchero

A bit of history now, shall we ?

In 1958, Omega launched this reference, inspired by the Railmaster, the Seamaster 300 and the Speedmaster from 1957. We can say the Ranchero was made out of a pretty good watch line. The reason why it ended up as a commercial flop though, is that one of Omega’s biggest market at the time was the Hispanic one, and in spanish, Ranchero means “farmer”… Marketing was not one of Omega’s best skills ! So, mostly because they would not lower themselves to wear a “farmer” watch on the wrist, wealthy Spanish speaking Omega customers truly boycotted the Ranchero.

Because of that, the watch was only produced for two years, disappearing from the market in 1959, which makes it now a rare and highly sought after reference. Easy to understand why… The 36 mm case is thin enough to make the dial look wide and highly readable. A dial that is highly reminiscent of the 50’s Railmaster’s, with its luminescent and painted index with black tips and its massive and round arabic numbers.

A beach getaway… 
“Simplicity is one of those qualities that seduce you instantly, in watchmaking as much as in life in general. And this watch, strapped around a lady’s wrist, walking on the beach… Isn’t it somehow the essence of simplicity ?”

The one killer detail that seduced and charmed us are the hands. The “broad arrow” type hour hand and the “dauphine” minute hand, both reminding (obviously) us the iconic Speedmaster of 1957.

To be worn without reserve, the Omega Ranchero can only embellish a woman’s wrist. Or a man’s one, no discrimination ! It is not because nowadays watches can achieve spectacular case dimensions that thiner and smaller watches aren’t beautiful on your wrists, but you already knew that didn’t you ?…

Wearing the watch

One word to describe the watch ? Vintage, all the way. That’s what we love ! And it is with great humility that we now put our feet in Miranda Presley’s shoes (The Devil Wears Prada) and advise un simple look to match the watch. Worn by a woman, the Ranchero will be perfect with a destroyed boyfriend jeans, red sole stilettos (you know, the French shoe brand with iconic red soles…), a simple white shirt and a colorful kimono.
No need to put on too much efforts, the watch does the work for you…

 Omega Ranchero