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Omega: Meet a Seamaster Soccer Timer!

Le 18 December 2015

Are you a watch fan and a soccer fan? You’re passionate about fútbol, but you don’t want to leave your James Bond charisma at home when you’ve volunteered to referee your son’s game? It’s possible to have the best of both worlds, and you’ll love what we’re showing you today.


“Once upon a time…
…mechanical caliber excellence was present on the soccer field, and not just on the wrist of a coach in an Armani suit with an over-the-top hairstyle.”” 

Flashback to the early 70s, the era of creativity, liberty and frivolity. Nothing is taboo. Watch faces are filled with different colors and different cases are designed, cases that are today iconic for their “seventies style”. Say hello to an Omega Seamaster unlike any other, the Seamaster Soccer Timer, 145.016 reference.

Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer

If there’s a complication that can take on many different functions, then it’s definitely the chronograph. It’s many different levels permit an endless versatility, keeping in mind that the measure of time also serves as the base of the calculations of many other functions, such as distance and speed for example. We’ve recently published an article on the subject, which can be found here.

The chronograph in our hands today contains 3 counters all dedicated to keeping the time of a soccer match. Practical, ingenious and incredibly elegant when we compare it to what’s being manufactured today. If you’re a soccer fan and wish to find a dedicated timepiece to that effect, I’d even say that it’s actually the only option that exists. All those Neymar watches and Cristiano Ronaldo special editions, well… let’s not even go there (that kind of stuff automatically draws the red card). Please, you’ll understand why in a minute…

The Story

First off it is important to understand that this chronograph timepiece is the first, and perhaps the last true tool-watch completely dedicated to the soccer field. At the end of the 1960s, tool-watches were only used in the military field (pilot chronographs), the medical field (pulsimeters), the automobile world (tachymeters), or nautical sports (Regatta or Yachting). Which gives this watch real historical value, a watch that didn’t simply imprint the FIFA logo on the watch face or engrave the name of a famous soccer player on the caseback (thank goodness).

The Movement

What’s more interesting is the fact that this reference isn’t “some chronograph” dedicated to the sport of soccer. The movement within it is the famous Lemania 861, which walked on the moon and singlehandedly passed all of Nasa’s special tests without even being manufactured for that purpose. It doesn’t get much better than that in terms of quality guarantee, so this movement can effortlessly handle two 45-minute half times and even added time with rigorous precision. A true tool-watch tailor-made for soccer, with no compromises.

The Case and the Watch Face

The barrel-shaped case is typical of those wild watchmaking years. A hefty mass of 38mm brushed steel made to last.

The watch face has a white and grey dual tone along with stick index markers, a yellow-orangish central second hand and 3 specific counters. The one at 9 o’clock is a second hand counter, followed by an hour counter at 6 o’clock (12 hours), and a “special soccer” minute counter at 3 o’clock.

For those of you who are familiar the 861 caliber, you know that it’s a 30 minute counter. In order to measure a 45 minute half with ease and precision, the right hemisphere of the counter is red in order to distinguish and time the final 15 minutes of the game, and a bolder marking towards the  bottom indicates the final 5 minutes of each half or of added time. Pretty cool right?

When unique form and design are elaborated from unique reflexion and function, I automatically validate the approach and the realisation.

Omega Seamaster Soccer Timer

The Verdict

A rare watch and a piece of watchmaking history. A legendary caliber servicing a truly functional timepiece. A design reflecting an era when creativity wasn’t limited and breaking the rules was in style. What more can I say? We love this gem.

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