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The new TUDOR Pelagos tackles Atlantic Ocean waves

Le 30 July 2015

One day, Laurent said to me, “If you have to shoot a surfing video, mate, I’m your man!” A few months later, TUDOR asked me if we wanted to do something with the new Pelagos 2015. Three weeks ago I was enjoying a coffee in the sunshine, taking time to reflect on all that, “Mmm, A Pelagos on a diver. Too easy. But, that would look so cool on a surfer!”So, here we are today, about to go off on holiday, and I’m delivering one of the coolest articles for the first part of the year.

So cool in fact that, all things considered, I don’t want to amend the Rhabilleurs’ Homepage for the whole of August to allow you to check out the following video time and time again. Indeed, we have got used to experiencing “Les Rhabilleurs” this year through sound and light.

Without further ado, here’s what we have put together for you over the last few days with the talented Pablo and Millan, two young surfers who have created their own brand of clothing, NORTHEM Clothing (check it out here!), not a far cry from Sables d’Olonne.

I readily admit that my blood pressure went up a bit, seeing these two lads surfing at top speed, wearing two TUDOR Pelagos on their wrists, to the point that I was afraid to look for fear of a disaster!

What if one of them didn’t get out of the water? What if an incorrectly fastened bracelet came off the wrist of one of the guys? Could I call out the French Navy to search the ocean depths to find it? At the same time, don’t TUDOR and the French navy simply roll off the tongue? I didn’t say that – Romain Réa did. And I believe Romain Réa. The chap has a serious side to him. Finally… I believe him. I don’t know any more. What should we do? What should we do? OOOOHHHH!!!!

Shooting of the Tudor Pelagos

It was precisely at this point that I noticed my two surfers conquering the first waves. These two are so exceptionally talented, twisting here and there, like a Rubik’s cube, showcasing a grey and blue object at the end of their left arm. What better way to transform my anxiety into growing excitement with every passing second?

We can therefore officially confirm that not only can the TUDOR PELAGOS go under water(great news, isn’t it?), but first and foremost, this watch can overcome 2 hours of being pounded by the waves without putting a foot wrong. Just give the watch a quick rinse under tap water when you’ve finished and it transforms back into an everyday watch, even cooler than your coolest movements.

Tudor Pelagos watch

This certainly enabled us to put this new TUDOR Pelagos to the test, and just like the North Flag, it proudly presents that in-house TUDOUR mechanism.

A watch-tool par excellence, the TUDOR Pelagos is one of the best all-rounder, traditional mechanical diving watches in its price range. Available in two colours, the Pelagos is equipped with the TUDOR MT5612“Manufacture” movement.

In addition to the original matt black version, the TUDOR Pelagos is also available in matt blue, the symbolic colour of the brand’s diving watches in the 60s. This is also the one we selected for this review.

Its dial is punctuated with bold square numerals, with a vast sea of luminous blue material – abenchmark of long-term efficacy and providing an excellent contrast.

New Tudor Pelagos on surfboard

The new version has the novelTUDOR MT5612 Manufacture movement. With a power reserve of approximately 70 hours, you can take off the watch on Friday evening and leave it until Monday morning without having to rewind it.

In addition to the central hour, minute and second functions, the date is constantly displayed through the aperture at 3 o’clock. And believe me, it’s not a bad idea to have the date on your watch.

Focus on the new Tudor Pelagos

The hands of this Pelagos, especially the hour hand with its characteristic square tip (aka “snowflake”),allows the wearer to distinguish it from the minute hand at a glance.

Waterproof to a depth of 500 metres, it is fitted with a helium valve that allows the gas to escape freely from the watch without causing any damage.

The ceramic disk of its titanium bezel, rotating in one direction, is interspersed with luminous numerals, allowing the wearer to see the time constantly, even in the most difficult of conditions.

Finally, the choice of titaniumfor the casing of this new TUDOR Pelagos,can be explained by the intrinsic lightness of this metal – approximately 60% of the weight of stainless steel for the same volume – and displaying incredible resistance to salt water corrosion.

New Tudor Pelagos watch

Last, but not least, the TUDOR Pelagos stands out from the crowd with its titanium bracelet and steel folding buckle fitted with a spring-operated self-adjustment mechanism. This system allows the bracelet to contract on diving, during compression because of the depth, and to expand when the pressure drops on surfacing.

The watch comes with an additional rubber strap fitted with an extension system for straightforward adjustment during all diving conditions.

Composition with the Tudor Pelagos

To conclude, I would therefore say that this new Pelagos retains the identity of earlier models but also has the mechanical touch that we have come to expect from a brand like TUDOR. It is technical, robust and a great “looker” too! And, as you know, the last point is probably the most important for a Rhabilleur!

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