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Montblanc: The art of being timeless

Le 18 September 2015

Montblanc. A majestic peak and the highest point in the chain of the Alps? Yes. A fascination for all types of adventurers since its first ascent in August 1786? Indeed, but also a German manufacturer, from writing instruments to equally legendary snowy caps.

The illustrious wearers of Montblanc watches range from JFK to Adenauer, from James Bond to the Dalai Lama. The « Meisterstück » (masterpiece) has won many hearts and even has its offices within the MOMA permanent collections in New York (no less).

In two small, simple words: a reference product.

Montblanc - Heritage Chronometrie Complete Calendar & M Rollerball


Fifteen years or so ago, when Montblanc existed only in our pencil cases (for the fortunate amongst us) and not yet on our wrists, the brand embarked on a watchmaking adventure and is doing well. Very well, in fact. Lets find out why.

Given a major confidence boost within the Richemont group, Montblanc quickly climbed the ladder to success. Not only has Montblanc acquired know-how and long-standing technical expertise in watchmaking by purchasing Minerva in 2007 and settling in Le Locle, but it also has strategic expertise, not least in the guise of of Jérôme Lambert , former CEO of Jaeger-Lecoultre, and A. Länge & Söhne who took the helm in 2013 to inject that something extra into the creations produced by this young company.

The result: Genuine, tasteful timepieces whipping up a small storm in the €2,000 / €5,000 segment. Thank you Jérôme (the other).

Montblanc - Heritage Chronometrie Complete Calendar & M Rollerball

To combine and celebrate today Montblancs know-how both in the field of writing instruments and watchmaking, epitomising the timelessness and sobriety of their creations, we are going to introduce you to the Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Complete Calendar and the Montblanc M Rollerball,which you can win. Pretty cool wouldn’t you say ? I know –the pleasure is all ours.

And all of this wrapped up in a small photo session – Les Rhabilleurs style. Enjoy!

Timepiece {Watch}: Montblanc Heritage Chronométrie Complete Calendar

Montblanc - Heritage Chronometrie Complete Calendar & M Rollerball

Do you like it? Does the Montblanc of today remind you a little of the Jaeger­Lecoultre of yesterday? I admit, I thought the same thing (weve recognised your stamp on it, Mr. Lambert). Since we love Jaeger, that’s good news – very good news, even.

A timepiece that we love because of its elegance, sobriety and timelessness despite the amount of information presented on the dial. Perfect harmony.

But don’t go by the apparent simplicity of the dial – this really is a Complete Calendar, if not a Perpetual Calendar. The hours and minutes are, of course, displayed but it is also a complete calendar with the date, day of the week, month and moon phase.

A sun-kissed silvery white dial and domed sapphire crystal in a polished steel case with an aperture of 38mm (40mm with the crown):Very, very elegant.

Pointed hands for the hours and minutes, and a bluish stick hand indicating the date (we agree – the detail is very Jaeger, but we like it so much). The small moon phase aperture at 6 o’clock is itself extremely neat and blends in perfectly on the dial.

Editors Note: Poetic complication but pointless Im told by Cartesian beginners who use their smart phones to analyse their sleep cycles and their microwave to read the time? Come on! You want to know at a glance in exactly how many days time you can take Jannike (top Swedish model) for a walk along the beach and kiss her in the moonlight with sufficient lighting to look deep into her eyes? Just a moment is enough. It can change your life.

Montblanc - Heritage Chronometrie Complete Calendar

At 4,900,however, this model is at the top of this particular Montblanc collection. It undoubtedly has many assets. But the slight downside is the case which has almost perfect proportions, I agree, but could have been worked even more at that price. Personally, I would like to have seen brushed edges accentuating the shape. It seems to me that this would definitely have propelled the timepiece to centre stage. But this is only in my humble opinion.

Over to writing now (and your chances to win) with another instrument combining tradition, sobriety and modernity: the Montblanc M, an interpretation of the mythical instrument by Australian designer, Marc Newson.

Writing instrument {Pen}: Montblanc M

Montblanc - M Rollerball

Clean lines? Check. The use of this black resin we love so much? Check. A dash of inspiration and confidence on handling and sheer pleasure on signing, Montblanc style? Check. The iconic cucumber design of the masterpiece is tastefully reworked Blade Runnerstyle? Check.

The killer detail:The magnetic closure of the cap with alignment along the body. To ensure that your Montblanc M is always as it appears on the photos, a bit like a constantly impeccable bow tie that is never askew! Sheer class. Personally, I like it very much.

So how can you win this iconic designer writing instrument? It couldn’t be easier:

All you have to do to enter the competition is to post on Instagram your finest photos of objects, buildings or DESIGN artistic pieces that inspire you and make you think of Montblanc M!

Instagram tag: #Mdesigninspires + @Montblanc + @lesrhabilleurs

The winner will receive an MB pen and a note from the artist.

Wait no longer! A dash of imagination, a beautiful photo and, before long, “poetry in motion”.Good luck!