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March LAB AM59: PhotoShoot, Test and Video!

Les Rhabilleurs
Le 5 June 2015

« Morning Ride in Paris »

On the terrace of a Parisian café in the 17th district, he enjoys the first rays of the flourishing spring’s sunshine to brave once again the capital’s streets astride his magnificent mount.

He grabs his gloves, mobile and keys. He drains the last drop of the barely tepid espresso brought by a waiter whistling a tune he heard that morning on the radio.He checks the time on his watch. Turns his head to the right to check once again that it’s still there. It’s time.

I will say no more.Except that this Triumph Bonneville T100 is a marvel.But what can you say about the March Lab AM59 that our friend William has on his wrist? Superb…

Are we ok? Are you in the mood? So, then let’s talk about this MARCH LAB AM59.

To start with, I would say that wearing a MarchLab – and especially this model – is to take a big risk that you will constantly get this kind of reaction: “Let me see! It’s awesome! Where did you get this watch?”

A disconcerting, recurrent question/exclamation thanks to this brand’s stylistic choices which we have been tracking almost from its beginning. Its real strong point? Offering completely iconoclastic products in today’s market, like this little 36 mm AM59.

March Lab AM59 watch and Triumph Bonneville

The AM59 perpetuates the same ongoingcode of aesthetics so dear to March Lab.Hugely bevelled angles, deliberately offset crown, precisely sculpted markers, meticulously fluted bezel, and the irresistible raised crystal…

A signature watch with anachronistic dimensions (36 mm) in homage to the most beautiful references of the 1950s. This astonishing post-war epoch saw the birth of the top fashion names along with rounded, incredibly colourful objects that are celebrated once again by March Lab which – it must be said – is rather fetishist about them.

March Lab AM59 watch backcase

In its “Empire” livery, the March Lab AM59 model displays a very well-made steel sunburst dial with a vintage gold highlight and gold markers. Just like the hands.

A definitely retro look, accented by a brown strap in real lizard skin-styled leather, lined with the green colour so dear to the brand.A colour that you will also see on the transparent, screwed-on back which reveals the Japanese-inspired Myota 9015 calibre (hour, minute and second in the centre).

Focus March Lab AM59 watch

Wearing this automatic watch confirms once again what Alain Marchic, the brand’s co-founder said, a summary of the March Lab spirit, ambition and philosophy: “Remain discreet, chic and elegant under all circumstances to create an emotion, thatshiver you get before an object’s evident beauty.”

All (except the motorcycle) for the modest sum of €950 including tax. March Lab has once again produced a true masterpiece!