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Meet Alistair, the New JOSEPH BONNIE Sleeve for Your Laptop (& Other Essentials)

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 4 October 2017

This month marks an important event for Joseph Bonnie. Our first birthday. We look back on this first year with confidence and happiness.

For those who have gone back to work and the routine and who wish to bring a ray of sunshine to the grey and rainy beginning of Autumn, we have a solution. A new quality sleeve for your laptop computer, but not only…

Alistair: The Computer Sleeve by JOSEPH BONNIE

Yes, a travel pouch for our essentials, at work, as well as on our off duty time. The concept is rather simple. To conceive, to produce, and to put our hearts into developing a product which may first seem common, but which, when looked more closely, is the opposite.

Alistair, the laptop sleeve by JOSEPH BONNIE

This sleeve will fit both PCs and Macs (no discrimination here) that doesn’t exceed 14 inches. You can slide your laptop, but also notebooks, pens, a wallet, a smartphone, and reading material. And all at the same time if you wish. No need to worry about being prepared for an appointment without your backpack or bag.

Regarding its shape, smooth thick wool felt lines the inside and offers softness, warmth, and protection. Covering the outside is waxed cloth direct from Scotland. “Waxed” is what pheasant hunters or Californian surfers would say. Beyond a striking style, real protection against humidity and against Time itself.

To bring everything together in the proper way, French cowhide leather lines the contours of the sleeve, offering structure to the ensemble, solidifying it.

The opening functions with two elegant pressure buttons, separated by a band of stitched leather. You may handle and manipulate your sleeve freely, as your laptop is safe and sound in its cozy home of wool felt and waxed cloth.

You are free to leave the sleeve in your bag and take only the computer out, or use it as a “travel sleeve.” I prefer a bit of both.

For more information on the sleeve click here.

Alistair, the laptop sleeve by JOSEPH BONNIE