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The place to be: La Fabrique Générale, a “child’s” wonderland

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 9 April 2017

To find corners of the city that truly resemble us… This is why we scour the streets of Paris for exceptional places. This is what we felt when we first walked into La Fabrique Générale. We have, therefore, something moving to share with you all that can be described as emotions, inseparable from the passion of founder Christophe and his wife Cerise. Voilà un couple who has put in their heart and soul into the making of this unique place rich with tranquility and authenticity. 

The place to be - La Fabrique Générale

The origines of La Fabrique Générale

Christophe has made many remarkable achievements in his life. A successful marriage full of respect of love, and children who he’s more than proud of. Professionally speaking, after creating a number of companies, he became specialist in shipyard projects. But behind the entrepreneur, who has the tendency to strike while the iron is hot, is a lover of beautiful mechanical engins including motorcycles and vintage watches. Naturally we weren’t indifferent.

It was at first for pleasure that he wanted to create La Fabrique Générale. It would be an serene and comfortable place of work, but also somewhere to share his many passions.

The concept of Fabrique Générale

The place is in the image of a curiosity cabinet where your eyes easily get lost while looking at all the intriguing objects animating it. When stepping in to La Fabrique, you first come upon a display of Cerise’s know-how: hats of all shapes and sizes handmade by Cerise in the French traditional method that we can almost consider as bespoke items.

The place to be - La Fabrique Générale

As you take further steps you’ll discover that this vast unique space has been “decorated” with motorcycles everywhere. Custom-made ones obviously. Christophe is passionate about motorcycles and showcases a garage that makes a very few models in the form of a collection. And not just whatever he has on hand.

In continuing your visit downstairs, especially reserved for a custom-built lift complete with big bikes, you will get it. Christophe gives some mechanics lessons there, including the assembling and the taking apart of motors, carburettors, oil pans, etc. The works.

The basement is hence reserved to favorite objects that are for sale, limited prints and many unique pieces for the most part. Old reservoirs, casks, rare and collectible books, old Irish postal bags, and other collectible and decorative items.

Now when you ask Christophe if he likes watches, you quickly get it again. At his wrist, a Rolex GMT-Master 1675 Gilt in mint condition. His fine collection, primarily dominated by pieces of the crown brand, also has a beautiful Submariner 5512, Gilt as well. Why change a winning team?

And if you like this place, you can actually rent it (only for professional companies) to organise all types of events. It is therefore a fine piece of advice I can give you on this Sunday with the weather is nice if you’re ever in the neighbourhood of the 17th district, at 2bis rue Léon Cosnard. You will come out feeling inspired, full of ideas in your head. Don’t be surprised if the visit makes your childhood dreams resurface again…

The place to be - La Fabrique Générale

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