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New vintage watches at Joseph Bonnie: Horological dreams for him & for her

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 20 April 2017

Dear friends, the time has come to dream…and wear that dream on your wrist. This is an event we wouldn’t miss for anything in the world, and we hope for you as well. Our Joseph Bonnie shop has just been endowed with a number of magnificent vintage watches. And I can assure you we didn’t hold back when it came to finding rare gems as well as unearthing “affordable” pieces, essential for the sensitive souls out there drawn to the world of watchmaking.

Heuer Monaco 1133B

A true collector’s watch for the one who is in love with vintage pieces related to the world of automobiles. The Monaco 1133B is the vintage reference of the iconic Heuer model. This remains true today at Tag Heuer for a great number of reasons.

Joseph Bonnie - Heuer Monaco 1133B

First of all a new square case, designed by Piquerez, with a crown on the left side (to indicate a self-winding movement, and hence a less important crown… fair enough.), and a Micro-Rotor automatic movement born out of a partnership between Buren, Dubois-Depraz and Breitling). The watch we present is in remarkable condition. Neither the dial nor the case back, on which we can find the famous inscription “Tool No 033,” has suffered one bit from aging.

This is truly a rare piece given its condition since the 1133 were the first Monaco references produced (the first 1133 had the mention “Chronomatic” above the Heuer logo). The model of “production” begins in 1972 and corresponds to the 3rd generation of 1133B. The caliber 11 or 12 is housed inside (the movements are similar). An exceptional piece with a powerful identity.

Joseph Bonnie - Heuer Monaco 1133B

To learn more about this beauty filled with the spirit of Steve McQueen, Joseph Bonnie is here.

Nivada Grenchen Chronomaster

At the office, if there was ever a true expert and lover of his Chronomaster, it would have to be Jérôme. Incidentally, I hope to spread his passion in telling you about the adventures of this Nivada.

Joseph Bonnie - Croton Nivada Grenchen

This piece appeared at the beginning of the 1960’s at the moment where exploration was at its height. It is the quintessence of pieces that ventured out to the mountain tops or into deep waters. We’re awestruck before its magnificent proportions and aesthetic codes. Take for example, the Broad Arrow hour hands and the Alpha hands of the sub-counters, or the large black graduated bezel. The Chronomaster we’re showing you here has developed an elegant patina over time. This is a piece to which one cannot be indifferent.

Joseph Bonnie - Croton Nivada Grenchen

To see the Nivada Chronomaster from all angles, Joseph Bonnie is here.

Omega Constellation

Here we have a watch of the utmost importance for us. We like seeking out the beautiful ones because the Constellation is an iconic model of Omega. With beautiful proportions and genuine identity, this is the kind of piece that lasts a lifetime… all the while remaining relatively affordable to the one who desires it on his wrist.

Joseph Bonnie - Omega Constellation "Rice Bean" strap

Charming the public since 1952, the year of its launch, the piece first claimed to be a chronometer with Bumper movement (here the movement isn’t Bumper) to delight certain folk. I’m pretty proud to show you what we’ve unearthed here: one of the most beautiful Constellations I’ve ever seen. We’ve shown you others at Joseph Bonnie, very nice pieces as well, but this one…is incredibly soothing. All-around and evenly grey with a metallic sheen, a Silver dial at an opening of 34mm. Let’s not forget the “Rice Bean” that completes this marvelous picture.

Joseph Bonnie - Omega Constellation "Rice Bean" strap

To find out more about the magnificent Silver aspect of this Constellation, Joseph Bonnie is here.

Omega Speedmaster Pre-Moon “Central Boîtes”

During these hard times when Speedmasters are becoming increasingly sought after and scarce, we bring you the light of hope. After telling you about the adventures of the Speedmaster Pré-Moon and of the Moonwatch, we had to offer you the opportunity to discover other incredible pieces.

Joseph Bonnie - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Ref 105.012 Centrale Boîte

Eureka. We have found a Speedmaster 105.012-66, the same model worn by Buzz Aldrin during his famous Apollo 11 mission. Add the year 1967 to the reference 105.012 and you get love and joy with the Caliber 321. The bezel is “Dot over 90,” guarantee of harmony between the different parts of the watch. The special feature of the watch, however, is the case that was created by La Centrale Boîte, whereas the case of reference was by Huguenin Frères.

I’m not going to hide from you the fact that we also have two Speedmaster Pré-moon 145.012 that may or may not melt your heart by its irresistible chocolate dial.

Joseph Bonnie - Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Ref 105.012 Centrale Boîte

To find our more about them, Joseph Bonnie is here.

Tudor Big Block

A Tudor that we don’t often see today even if it has more than enough reasons to impose itself on to the scene again. The spirit of a chronograph with screwed down pushers and a tachymetric bezel in steel, that obviously makes us reminisce about the Daytona, but with a different layout here naturally.

The “Big Block,” born in 1976, represents the third family of Tudor chronographs. Important innovation can be see on the movement of the automatic chronograph.

It is thus the quintessence of a sporty watch that we propose here, all the way from the first generation of the 9400 series (our Big Block dates back to 1984) with its steel bezel, its Valjoux 7750 and a reasonable diameter of 40mm. And as luck would have it, we have its papers.

Joseph Bonnie - Tudor Big Block reference 9430

For more information about this Big Block, Joseph Bonnie isn’t far.

Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph

Here is a specimen that’s well worth taking a look since we seldom see it. Even if we do come across it on occasion, these watches with a scaled bezel, it’s usually a Breitling, rarely a Mimo-Loga. Nothing of the sort here.

Excelsior, created in 1866, began by gaining experience in producing chronographs. It supplied watches for brands such as Gallet, Zenith, and Girard-Perregaux. Something to brag about…?

It was qualified as a “real small computer” at that time for all the calculations it could provide with the help of its rotating bezel. But the piece that we’re showing today is particularly exceptional by its movement, the 40-68, which is at the same level as the famous 321 Lemania and other Valjoux 72 that have equipped, among others, a certain Daytona 6263.

Joseph Bonnie - Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph Caliber 40-68

All the technicals details of this beautiful engineering tool is at Joseph Bonnie.

I’m sure all of this leaves you wondering with a sparkle in your eyes. Perfect, because that was the point. We’ve strived to constitute a premium selection for you, with pieces of remarkable quality, whether its a Constellation or a Heuer Monaco. Your positive reactions encourage us to aim higher every time, and we thank you!