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Joseph Bonnie Rallye Strap: The Racing Touch our Chronographs Have Been Waiting For!

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 20 September 2017

When it comes to finding the right bracelet for the right watch, it’s not always easy. This, I’m sure, is of no surprise to you. We have written at length on the complex art of pairing which entails both historical knowledge, sense of proportions, knowledge of craft techniques, and finishes that make all the difference. God is in the detail as they say…

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap

When searching for the ideal bracelet for our chronographs, especially the ones created for racing drivers, we have several options. It’s certain that a classic bracelet will enhance this case, and a NATO will give it a military look. In the end, the ideal choice in our opinion remains the “Rallye” or “Racing” strap. You know, the one lined with perforations?

Today, we are very proud to present you our version of the iconic strap.

The Racing Spirit

There are many straps that fall under the name “Racing” or “Rallye,” and can prove to be quite interesting. But ultimately, they are leather watch straps perforated along its entire length, and whose size can greatly vary from one brand to another. The origin of the strap in question dates back to the 1970’s. The puncture pattern was directly inspired by the perforations present in certain parts of racing cars as a way to preserve their spirit and aesthetic. Heavy metal parts such as the axe of the steering wheel were frequently perforated to remove material and lighten the whole. Relatively important when you trying to be faster than your neighbor.

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap

Another inspiration is the micro-perforations of racing car seats or racing driver’s gloves. Clearly the interest here doesn’t lie in reducing weight, it’s more about keeping the racing spirit alive…and no, we can’t get enough of it.

Finishes and Proportions

The finishes and proportions of these straps are the same as those of our classic straps. They are made entirely by hand in France, by master craftsmen. The very versatile high-end calfskin used for the strap is available in three colors: black, brown, and khaki green. Tone-on-tone stitching, threading and three coats of edge dye make it the high-quality product we all want to feel on our wrist.

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap

When we say “God is in the detail,” it is even more true for this type of straps. The harmony of details is tricky business for Rallye straps. If the perforations are too wide, skin and arm hair will come up to say hello even if not welcomed. If they’re too small, getting a perfect result will be almost impossible.

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap

We’re very pleased with the product we’re presenting today, both in its quality and finishing as well as in the balance of its proportions. The perforations in the central row are slightly larger than the holes for the buckle, and the perforations in the lateral rows are much smaller so as not to reveal too much skin.

With what ?

Ideally? Real car racing driver chronographs such as Rolex Daytona, Heuer Monaco or Omega Speedmaster. You’re lucky if you have one, but for the others don’t panic. Any vintage or recent chronograph will go wonderfully well and create a “sporty-chic” look that will embellish the watch.

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap

We even did a test on a little Constellation and a Submariner. Daring, very daring, we know. Even if the purists will be skeptical, naturally, the aesthete hiding inside us all will tell you that it works!.. You be the judge!

Joseph Bonnie Calfskin Leather Rallye Strap