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Joseph Bonnie: 1 Birthday, 3 Chances to Win

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 12 September 2017

Today is our birthday (yipee!). And we thank you. It’s been a year since Joseph Bonnie was born. One year since we decided to take the plunge and began to think, draw, and create accessories we truly enjoy wearing and using everyday, today and for a very long time. And perhaps even one day pass down to further generations…

To celebrate this first birthday with you, we thought of a little game, a very simple game, in which everyone can play. This is our way to thank you for your encouragement, your support, and of course, to dress your watches with our creations.

"New" vintage watches at Joseph Bonnie - Omega Chronostop 145.007

No, this game is not a quiz. We are not going to test you on our birthday. We are nothing like the young Guillaume, first of his class in 5th grade who invites you to his birthday to play Scrabble because he knows he has every chance to win. It’s not the idea here.

We would rather keep it light and have a bit of fun after work. If you wish to make yourself a glass of your favorite drink before clicking on the image below to start, we don’t see any harm of course. That’s the spirit.


Those of you with the top 3 scores will win a selection of Joseph Bonnie products to accompany you on a daily basis and on your trips. A pack including our passport holder, minimalist wallet and Perlon watch strap, as well as our exclusive brand new watchmaking tool and travel pouch. Brown or Black leather, the choice is yours. As for the Perlon strap, color and size are also up to you.

So? Want to give it a go? Good. We just wish you good luck! You have until and including September 21st to save your best score… May the best man (or woman) win!

Ready, Steady… GO!