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Jaquet Droz The Bird Repeater

Le 2 November 2012

A new extraordinary watch have made little buzz last week. It is Jaquet Droz exclusive model “The Bird Repeater”, a feat in mechanical watchmaking term “automation” and decoration. A watch you probably already heard about, but which we juts couldn’t afford not to present in details on Les Rhabilleurs.

“Seasons pass to changing birdsong”

Maybe, but the singing of these two charming birds will not pass with time as the work done by Jaquet Droz is extraordinary.

With this Bird Repeater watch, JD back on the front of the stage its expertise in manufacturing automata associated with one of the most watchmaking complications to achieve: the minute repeater.

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As accurately demonstrated in this video proposed by the brand, this masterpiece combines Jaquet Droz history, expertise and imaginary  in a extraordinary way.

The Bird Repeater puts in scene a pair of chickadees, symbols of the Jura region where Pierre Jaquet-Droz was born, united above their nest with their young birdies.

Entièrement animé grâce à un mécanisme d’une complexité sans pareil, ce tableau en trois dimensions va prendre véritablement vie. Tandis qu’un des oiseaux se penche pour donner la becquée à son enfant, les ailes de son compagnon se déploient en dévoilant de délicates nuances de couleurs. Disposé au cœur du nid, un œuf s’ouvre pour laisser apparaître un poussin, tandis que l’eau de la cascade ruisselle incessamment.

The Bird Repeater is an authentic automaton, with a cam system inherited directly from the century of Enlightenment, and it calls upon the resources of all the decorative crafts. Jaquet Droz engravers and painters have worked together to produce the yellow, blue, white and deep black of the birds’ plumage, the perfectly balanced volumes and the finely detailed wisps of grass forming the nest. To achieve the realism of this scene no less than eight different animation mechanisms act in synchronism: the movement of the birds’ heads and wings, the movement of the fledglings, the hatching of the egg, the sparkle of the flowing water…

Faithful to its values, Jaquet Droz has given The Bird Repeater one of fine-watchmaking‘s most virtuoso complications: Minute Repetition. Simply pressing the pushbutton makes the watch strike the hours, quarters and minutes and sets the wonderful animated sequences in motion.

The resonance and mellow tone of its cathedral gong, generated by two turns around the mechanism, are equaled only by the complexity of the system of chimes incorporated in the gold case, 47 mm in diameter and only 18.4 mm thick.

The Bird Repeater, made up of 508 separate components, has a 48-hour power reserve, and is available in two versions, one in grey gold set with diamonds ($493,500) and the other in red gold ($472,500), each one in a limited edition of just 8 pieces.

The outcome of two years of development, this new, dazzling masterpiece is the latest illustration, and doubtless the most extreme example of the uniqueness of the Jaquet Droz spirit: giving life, like no other, to the poetry of Time.

Watches will officially be presented at Baselworld 2013. Can’t wait to discover it for real!