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Interview with the Grönefeld Brothers for the EKSO Watches Gallery

Le 15 April 2014

Following Vianney Halter, Kari Voutilainen and Ludovic Ballouard, the Ekso Watches Gallery has once again permitted us to experience an astounding encounter. Several months ago we made the acquaintance of not one, but two watchmakers: the Grönefeld brothers.

Who are the Grönefeld Brothers?

One called Tim, the other Bart, both are from Oldenzaal in the Netherlands. These two over-forties come from a long line of timepiece craftsmen. As Tim puts it so well: “I’m from a family of watchmakers – my grandfather was one, my father was one, I’m one and my brother is one, too.”

At first, Tim and Bart were to take over the family shop; but to do so they would have had to study horology or jewellery-making. Quite early on they realised that the mechanical horology’s technical side interested them much more than the outer show and jewellery-making aspects overall.

Therefore, one after the other, Tim and Bart both studied at a Netherlands horology school to acquire the basics; they then honed their skills in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, with the Watchmakers of Switzerland Training and Educational Programme (WOSTEP).

On finishing school, Bart worked at the Renaud et Papi Workshops (belonging to Audemars Piguet; perched up in the Le Locle heights heading toward La Chaux de Fonds, he specialised in complication watches. As for Tim, he was also hired in the same workshops several years after his brother, to take charge of tourbillons.

After several years far from home and family, the two brothers decided it was time to return and create their own timepieces, and hence, their own brand.

Gronefeld One Hertz Classic watch

Birth of a Singular brand

Thus they created the Grönefeld name and launched their first watch in 2008, a minute repeater with tourbillon, that expertly combined their respective specialties.

When asked to sum up the Grönefeld brand in a few words, Tim and Bart agree it is about fully hand-made, highly technical models, because, as Bart says: “there is nothing we love to do more, it’s our passion; we love working with traditional materials to create very contemporary-looking, useful watches that can still serve their owners a hundred years from now.”

Gronefeld One Hertz watch backcase

The Grönefeld One Hertz

When we met, Tim and Bart showed us their second model, the Grönefeld One Hertz. This timepiece with its futuristic look has a 150-year-old complication: dead seconds. Far from stopping there, this model offers a second complication: the power reserve indicator, which is very useful because it is a hand wound watch. Finally the crown, deemed a complication, acts as a push-button to select the “adjust time” mode.  The double escapement movement tops it off.

You will have understood: the Grönefeld Brothers have more than one trick up their sleeve, forming quite a singular duo in the small world of independent watchmakers.

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Do not hesitate over making an appointment with Ekaterina SOTNIKOVA who will be glad to share her passion for fine watchmaking and show you the One Hertz Collection of the Grönefeld brothers : www.eksowatches.com

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