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Our Interview with Vianney Halter for the EKSO Watches Gallery

Les Rhabilleurs
Le 16 October 2013

Several months ago we presented Vianney Halter’s latest and greatest creative stroke of genius: Deep Space Tourbillon. This is a watch that aims to express the three physical dimensions and the temporal dimension with a triple-axis zero-gravity tourbillon.

As an ultimate privilege, Vianney Halter himself showed us this Deep Space Tourbillon in the luxurious, intimate space of the EKSO Watches Gallery coming soon and exclusively to France.

In our long interview with this true “craftsman” we tried to better understand his personality and goals through his creative work, his career and his vision of watchmaking.

It is with pleasure and unabashed pride that we now share this interview in a video made exclusively for the EKSO Watches Gallery. We intended this interview to be both an intimate conversation and intelligible to all (in other words, not too “technical”); this makes it possible for us to better understand the know-how behind recent creations like the Deep Space Tourbillon.

Taking timepieces as a real means of artistic expression, you will have understood that Vianney Halter makes watches to promote a certain way of thinking about timepiece-making history, all while pushing the limits of his master craft of watchmaking.

His craftsman’s knowhow is shared with a handful of other watchmakers who also display their work at the EKSO Watches Gallery.

It could also well be that the Rhabilleurs‘ got them on film too. Stay tuned…

Meanwhile, get in touch for an appointment with Ekaterina Sotnikova, who will be pleased to share her passion for fine watchmaking with you: www.eksowatches.com

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