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“A King is Born”: Interview with Ludovic Ballouard for the EKSO Watches Gallery

Le 11 March 2014

Following Vianney Halter and Kari Voutilainen, the Ekso Watches Gallery had us meet an independent watchmaker who, believe us, is worth paying attention to.

 Ludovic Ballouard is a watchmaker by profession, originally from Brittany and now working independently in Geneva. For someone who originally did not especially lean toward being a watchmaker (we would have said rather a dental technician), we can say he made the right choice.

Passionate about aviation, he began his career as an aircraft instrument technician. It was in fact 7 years later that he joined the Franck Muller workshops; he remained there for 3 years before joining the FP Journe team, to spend the last 3 years designing grande sonnerie models.

During the 2008 economic crisis he decided to start his own business, to his fans’ delight – and that includes us.

Besides being a watchmaker, Ludovic Ballouard is a man with an atypical personality- just as interested as he is interesting, just as passionate as he is fascinating. An eclectic with countless ideas roiling in his mind.

What struck us most about this true artist is his sense of humour – one that he uses in his creative work to give us unique timepieces, as off-beat as they are impressive, yet producing a result that expresses real class.

Without further ado, here is the interview with Ludovic Ballouard we conducted for the Ekso Watches Gallery: an enthralling interview and fantastic timepieces!

As you will have understood, Ludovic Ballouard makes it a point to create his watches in line with how he lives, adding a very personal touch of humour.

Thus it was during the economic crisis that he created his first model “Upside Down”. At a time when the media trend was to speak only of numbers crashing downwards, Ludovic Ballouard did the opposite and decided that only one number was of any interest – the one telling the hour.

He created a timepiece to make you lose your mind, where the numbers have no meaning except for one: the one you’re interested in at a precise given moment. He breaks the rules, confuses us, but ends up fascinating us: the “Ballouard” touch. He would say everything has been thought out to make it pleasing.”

Watch Ludovic Ballouard Blue Dial

All his models are made with and call for hours of manual work. For Ludovic Ballouard, each complication must have its own movement and each watch must be unique. He well deserves his place in the Ekso Watches Gallery.

In 2012 the watchmaker surprised us again by designing his “Half Time” model. Here Ludovic Ballouard didn’t reverse the numbers; he cut them in half, except for the one showing the right hour.

A masterstroke for a timepiece as complicated to design as amusing to look at.

Ludovic Ballouard Half Time watch

 What’s next?

You have to wait for 2015.

Because, after designing two unprecedented complications in barely 4 years, plus the Opus XIII for Harry Winston, Ludovic has taken a year to work and think about the new creations he will present us with.

Meanwhile, get in touch for an appointment with Ekaterina Sotnikova, who will be pleased to share her passion for fine watchmaking with you and let you discover “Upside Down” and “Half-Time”: www.eksowatches.com

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