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HYT watches: A range which takes shape

Le 1 November 2012

Mix of Prometheus and DUBSET music, HYT GOES BIG to announce the release of its H1 Black DLC watch. The new promotional video clip of the brand looks like a movie trailer and makes us so eager to discover “for real” the different HYT models. Awaiting to be able to try them, here is a photographic preview of H-Y-T world.

By achieving the challenge of indicating the time with water, HYT have not so much propelled a new UFO into the watchmaking stratosphere, as the brand have in fact pulverized all certainties by uniting two worlds that are supposedly diametrically opposed.

HYT has now a range of 4 variations of its H1 model. Hydro-Mechanical Watches that come with Titanium, Gold or/and black DLC.

As a reminder, on the back of the watch, in the upper part (about 2/3), an automatic movement signed HYT has been developed and integrated to manage the hours, minutes and power reserve. As you can see on the first version of the “H1 Titanium” presented this year.

To tell time, the movement compresses and releases respectively the two reservoirs in the bottom of the watch. The two tanks are connected to two tubes filled up with fluids, oil and fluorescent water.

One liquid is then “pushed”, the other one is “pulled” in sync, the intersection of both graphically indicate hours on the periphery of the dial.

The technical prowess is now available in Black DLC which is frankly the one of the 4 H1 versions we like the most!

And you, which of these 4 watches you like most?

HYT H1 Range

H1 Black DLC Pink Gold

H1 Titanium

H1 Black DLC

H1 Pink Gold