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Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date: Test, Review and Exclusive Photos!

Le 6 May 2014

Lately in our watchmaking reviews we’ve loved everything we’ve seen. Luckily, the Basel frenzy slowed things down a bit – it was becoming almost unbearable.

As proof, take a look at this text from my esteemed colleague (and still my friend): we have been spoiled. Very spoiled. Too much? Absolutely not.

text message test watches

And the worst is that this is what one normally says just before saying “but all good things must end”… Well, not at all! “We’re on a roll” and things don’t seem to be changing (wait until you see the next reviews).

So here we are again, to tell you once more about a great watch: the Seventies Panorama Date from Glashütte Original.

First Impressions

As soon as we opened the box, all those nice thoughts we have about the Saxons and their very special watchmaking skills were confirmed: it is a damn beautiful object, perfectly proportioned, just heavy enough to be solid and sophisticated. Good Lord, how I hate this job!

Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date watch wrist test

Let’s describe the beast a bit: a “TV” steel case (those Germans really know how to make edelstahl) combining mirror-polishing and brushed finishes – a nice, rather classic contrast, but executed perfectly (a little aside – I don’t know if you have noticed in skimming through #lesrhabilleurs but the Germans – Lange & Sohne, Nomos & Glashütte Original in the lead and in no particular order – are really tops lately).

Everything set on a really very comfortable robust, thick silicone band. The folding buckle is quite robust (canyou feel the theme developing there); frankly the first impressions are good, very good.


It is hard not to start with the sunburst satiné soleil dial: a sparkling thing, it plays with the light and brings a clearly fresh touch to a watch which one might otherwise think (wrongly) a bit austere.

Test Watch Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama-Date dial

It is by far the first thing you notice and even if force of habit tends to make you prefer things a bit understated, the matte dials and their military precision is not unpleasant (yeah, for us, if you wear a slightly bluish watch, you are eccentric, almost weird!Basically a nutcase).

But when it comes from a brand which is usually self-controlled and discreet, we love it. Basically, when you have mastered the classics, isn’t it cool to be a bit crazy?

For the rest of the dial, the second key point is precisely THE brand’s classic: the panoramic date. What the f*** do you think they are talking about?

Take a look at 6 o’clock.

Watch Review Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date

You see the date aperture? Big and beautiful, isn’t it? Well, would you imagine that the solution with the Glashütte Original (which reminds you of other nearby manufactures –when they tell you that the Saxons know how to do classy) there is not one, but two date discs : one for the tens and one for the units.

Overall, almost seamless.This may seem a bit excessive, but that’s elegance, pal.Nothing is left to chance.And that results in a very beautiful date, very present and perfectly legible. Aah, lovely.

Finally, the use of fine (and luminous) baton hands, as well as a stylish trotteuse (and a counterweight representing the brand’s logo – another chic detail) complete the picture, and round out the dial-hand couple in the best way. At the finish line, a large, spacious dial – legible but not annoying for a second (LOL).


What obviously sets this Glashütte Original Seventies apart from other comparable sport models is the fact that GO (and quite a few of its Glashütte neighbours) is a manufacture. Authentic. Beautiful. The kind that makes us feel all fuzzy inside.

Especially since German watchmaking has its own quality codes and criteria.

Glashutte Original Seventies Panorama Date watch movement review

As a result we have here the brand’s sublime 39-47 calibre. A beautiful automatic calibre, perfectly finished and with a swan neck, covered as it should be with côtes de Glashütte (finer than côtes de Ch’nêve) and most importantly (for us) with its very large bottom plate covering ¾ of the movement. A typically German thing and super impressive.

So you can look at it from a motorisation point of view – the Glashütte Original Seventies has no reason to envy its more “dressed up” or “foppish” cousins.

Our Opinion

Here is where this review makes sense: the opinions are rave reviews.

And not a limp consensus – no, no – a real landslide.

It is simple:it is the watch which, as of today, has garnered the most compliments.

Test Watch Glashutte seventies photo style

Whether from our friends who suddenly notice the unusual dial, our colleagues who appreciate the vintage 1970s shape in the best taste, our boss who emphasises the refinement of the finishes, or the women who find it so understated, virile and sophisticated – it is flawless. We even have a nice memory of Seb who came all the way from the 15th district to see it in person after having drooled over it on Instagram.

OK, But Then…?

I think it is time for the conclusion: We loved it. Truly, a lot.

To change the topic, a glimpse behind the scenes – it turns out that the watch we tested belongs to one of the brand’s staff, and that his description of it is right on target: “it is a real pleasure to have a toolwatch of this level of quality and refinement, but which you may completely forget; I can bathe the kids, putter around, play football, hangout during the weekend, without any concerns or fear of ruining my watch – that’s great.”(we paraphrase).

So, that said everything ….

We can only agree wholeheartedly:there is something which is both extremely luxurious and radically #badass (yeah) in the idea of wearing this watch in everyday life. To have a TOOL WATCH from GERMAN MANUFACTURE. A bit like wearing a Patek on a Nato strap – the ultimate class.

#Bisous #<3 (lemme blow you a kiss)