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Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph: A small, but very real, computer

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 3 May 2017

You probably have noticed during the recent unveiling of the new arrivals at Joseph Bonnie that some pieces were quite uncommon. This is why we wanted to share this special moment in history with you, spiced up with explanations on the unique chronograph Excelsior Excel-O-Graph we have in our possession.

You must know Clément quite well by now, the fine individual who has already shed light on the difficulties of collecting well and other fascinating topics of the sort. He takes real pleasure here to talk about a rare bird he’s very much attached to.

Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph - Brown leather strap

The Excel-O-Graph: A small, but very real, computer

Excelsior Park was an important company in the field of chronographs. Founded in 1866, this brand, previously located in St-Imier, has a vague origins because two separate companies with similar names claim the same specialty (the chronograph) and the same founding date: Jules-Fréd and Jeanneret.

Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph - Brown leather strap

In any case, the Excelsior movements were of such high quality that they were used by other fine watch brands like Gallet, Zénith or Girard Perregaux. Excelsior crafted chronographs and counters until the 1970’s.

Specially made for aviation (its allure may remind us of the famous Chronomat from Breitling), but also marine navigation (Yachting counter), science & engineering (rotating bezel), the Excel-O-Graph is a rare model today and innovative of the period.

This watch is reputed for being one of the most accurate professional chronographs of the 20th century. As proof, this last one was marketed with the slogan that it was indeed like a real computer.

One emblematic movement, numerous versions

The Excel-O-Graph was indeed marketed under a number of different versions such as Sinn, and the most known Gallet, proof that a partnership existed with Excelsior Park.

We’re looking at a very sought after chronograph, and whose most desirable (and rarest) version is certainly the one produced directly by Excelsior, creator of the movement, the famous ExPark 40-68.

The 40-68 movement is actually a movement for the emblematic chronograph in the same manner as the Lemania 321 (ex Pre-moon Speedmaster) or the Valjoux 72 (ex Rolex Daytona 6263).

An attractive and “Pop”-style watch

Given its perfect mint condition, forumers can qualify this watch as a rare bird or even as the Holy Grail of collectors.

Excelsior Park Excel-O-Graph - Brown leather strap

With the look of a Navitimer and an undeniable sex appeal – midnight blue dial, Yachting counter, tritium markers – this watch is a condensed version of what we like the most in vintage pieces. This is truly our favourite piece, especially as it’s the first time we see a model of this caliber.

Indeed, it isn’t you who finds the watch, but the watch that finds its way to you.



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