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Every Day Carry: Essentials of the Urban Gentleman

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 30 August 2017

At Joseph Bonnie, we like watches and it’s no secret…but not only. If we started our adventure by developing products pertaining to watches such as watch straps and pouches, Made in France, today we are expanding the collection for the service of the modern Gentleman, whether you are frequent travellers, urban buffs or other.

Aside from when we go on long trips away from home, we are also urban nomads in our city, gallivanting between the office, photo shoots and other various encounters.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we share our new creations with you. Not only are they practical and durable, but also elegant daily companions.

CAPA, The Leather Camera Strap

Joseph Bonnie - Capa - Camera Strap

Everyone with a camera knows the difficulty of finding a comfortable, efficient strap that’s also stylish.

A strap may be very beautiful but sometimes too thin and “saw” the shoulder. If the strap is not adjustable and too long, you risk damaging your camera, if it is too short, carrying your camera becomes a real pain.

Meet CAPA, the leather camera strap that will solve all these issues. It has four levels of length adjustment, as well as an extra piece of leather inspired by military watch straps, for optimum comfort with style.

Simple and efficient with quality leather that will develop a beautiful patina over time, we’re huge fans.

Joseph Bonnie - Capa - Camera Strap

Note: The strap doesn’t only adapt itself to you camera, but also to pretty much any purse, bag, or other object with rings…

For more details, click here.

LANA, The Minimalist Wallet

Joseph Bonnie - Lana - Minimalist Wallet

Here is an extremely simple concept but great to use everyday. A piece of leather, brown or black, in which you can carry your banknotes, but that’s not all.

The proportions of this billfold have been redesigned to allow you to slip a credit card or to store receipts and other invoices that can quickly become a burden. And all this with an incomparable elegance and discretion.

Click here for more details.

J.F.K., The Protector your Passport Has been Waiting For

A passport, it gets used and worn out quite quickly, something that our border official friends and other customs agents may not be fond of. On the other hand, we don’t always feel comfortable exhibiting our nationality to everyone at all the airports we are. For this we didn’t reinvent the passport holder, we just simply reduced it to its purest state.

Joseph Bonnie - JFK - Passeport cover

It uses the same full-grain leather, brown or black, like the rest of the collection, pressed to 11/10th of a millimeter for maximum flexibility while keeping its robustness, trip after trip.

Find out more about JFK here.

Indiana, The Sturdy & Elegant Leather Belt

Joseph Bonnie - Indiana - Leather Belt

Because Sinatra, our first extra-soft calfskin belt with extra-luxury finishes is not necessarily for all styles nor all budgets, meet Indiana, our custom-made adjustable belt, unlined and Made in France. In this price range it is pretty difficult to find another one with similar quality that will accompany you throughout the years to come.

A side note to people who prefer discretion: The brass buckle is from an old stock of the 1950’s hence will not remain “shiny gold” for very long. Don’t fret, every detail has been well thought-out by yours truly.

Click here for more details.

Gentlemen, welcome to our world, we hope you like it. For more information about our products, click here. As for the Rallye strap seen on the photo, don’t worry, we’ll be talking about it soon…