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Interview with Christophe Viguerie, CEO of Maîtres du Temps for the EKSO Watches Gallery

Le 28 July 2014

Following Vianney Halter, Kari Voutilainen, Ludovic Ballouard, the Grönefeld brothers and Andreas Strehler, the Ekso Watches Gallery gave us the occasion to interview the charismatic Christophe Viguerie, CEO of Maîtres du Temps. A young brand entirely based on a concept that is very innovative, to say the least: cylinders.

Origins of Maîtres du Temps

Maîtres du Temps began in 2005 with Mr Holtzman who dreamed of creating a new watchmaking brand. According to Christophe Viguerie, this brand was to bring something different to the very design of its models; but it was especially to be a brand that would bring contemporary watchmaking’s creative genius together in a single watch, through unique collaborations. Maîtres du Temps also calls on traditional high-precision horology techniques and the art of the most visionary watchmakers of our time.

Maîtres du Temps Watchmakers

This young name draws on the “best of the best” in contemporary independent horology, or at least a good part of it: Kari Voutilainen (discover our exclusive interview here), Peter Speake-MarinDaniel Roth, Christophe Claret and Andreas Strehler (find his interview with Les Rhabilleurs here).

Maîtres du Temps Creative Work

Beyond the singular idea of bringing together several well-known watchmakers to create a single timepiece, the Maîtres du Temps success comes from another idea – but one which raises several technical problems: cylinders!

Maitres du temps Chapter 2 watch

All Maîtres du Temps models have cylinders in their mechanism. These cylinders display various types of information, depending on the model: lunar phases and days of the week for Chapter One, days of the week and month for Chapter Two and a second time zone and day/night indication for Chapter Three.

The very principle of integrating these famous cylinders into the watch mechanisms, which watchmakers are constantly miniaturising, sometimes creates challenges – challenges which the Maîtres du Temps watchmaking employees do their utmost to meet – and with panache.

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