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Bruno Croizé talks to us about Sismeek, where it is now and what the future holds

Les Rhabilleurs
Le 31 August 2015

When I first met Bruno Croizé, founder of Sismeekwatches, I understood straightaway what this young entrepreneur had in mind. But not just that. This is the kind of guy whose actions speak louder than words!

The type of guy who, when I say to him, “Hey, what about handing your watch over to that skater over there – what do you think about… ?”, doesn’t even let me finish my sentence but strides decisively over to the target and asks him to perform a few “tricks” with a Sismeek watch on his wrist – that kind of thing doesn’t bother him in the slightest.

In short – Bruno knows where he’s going and when he decides to do something, actually does it – even if sometimes he loses a few people along the way. That’s the risk you run when you have your own ideas and are determined to see them through.

This is why, when he presented me with his new collection and told me what the future has in store for Sismeek, I suggested doing the same thing withLes Rhabilleurs.

“Count me in,” he said. “You’re bluffing!”I retorted. He didn’t hesitate for a second, he said: “Are you trying to gain time?”. I told him I didn’t see the connection. In short. That’s where we are. Allow me to introduce you to the reworked Sismeek through the 10 questions we put to Mr. Bruno Croizé. 

Bruno Croizé - Sismeek Watches

G: Who is Bruno Croizé?

An independent, passionate man who is both generous and extreme.​

G: How did Sismeek come about?

Sismeek goes back to a simple idea I had whilst cruising around Corsica. This flash of inspiration led to the creation of an initial collection of diving watches, in twelve colours, towards the end of 2011.

This collection created a tidal wave in Asia before arriving in France and taking its first conquest – the French Navy.​

Sismeek Seadiver Commando

G: Sismeek is a brand of watches that has been entirely reworked. Can you tell us how you arrived at this decision? Tell us more about it?

Sismeek was created from a collection of simple, clean-cut watches that enjoyed genuine commercial success. With my passion for art and technical challenges, I wanted to lay another foundation stone for the brand by producing limited editions with artists and designers. There were numerous limited editions touching on a wide variety of fields.

I’ll tell you more or less what we’ve been doing. We’ve worked with the French Army right from the outset. During my studies, I spent one year with the French Navy and close links were forged.

Sismeek Watches Seadiver Commando

We’ve always manufactured military watches but confidentially, without necessarily saying much about them. The links forged between the French Army and Sismeek became so strong that after 4 years we decided to focus on the military world and boost our credibility with this expertise and passion.

It was a perfectly natural route to take. We went back to the brand DNA and nurtured a passion for all things military, going to extremes and focusing on technology.

Sismeek Seadiver Commando Dial

G: Can you summarise the mind-set, ambition and philosophy driving the brand over the next few years?

It’s a story of passion – passion for action.

It nourishes our ambition to create extreme, unique, powerful timepieces, watches all set to embark on operations and carve their niche in chic and elegant worlds.​

P​ower and robustness, character and elegance – back to the beginning, unveiling passion along the way.

Sismeek Seadiver Commando Crown

G: “Made in France” is more than a label – proof of genuine patriotism?

We tended to work with Switzerland up until late 2013. But, before long, working with the French Armed Forces raised the question of  “Made in France”.

The units we were working with were very keen to wear a French product. So yes, there was an element of patriotism but particularly of know-how. Our watches are not only assembled in France but most of the components of the Seadiver collection are actually made in France. ​

G: What model (s) are you wearing today and why?

The Seadiver limited edition for the French Navy.I am particularly fond of this watch. It is exclusive and has an unmistakable identity.It epitomises unique codes and is inspired by the story of a particular world – military submarines.

This is one of the first limited series we produced for the French army. It symbolises a strong turning point for the brand.

It’s fantastic trying to pinpoint the geographical location of the timepieces in this collection at the present time. It’s magical to think that these watches are somewhere in the ocean depths, anywhere in the world.

Sismeek Seadiver Officer Back

G: Can you tell us about the 2015 Sismeek collection?

The 2015 Sismeek collection was mainly inspired by our work for the French Armed Forces. We wanted to make exceptional watches based on a genuine military application available to as many people as possible. The Seadiver collection is now available with a hybrid movement (automatic-quartz)​. After the summer break, we will present our automatic models made in Switzerland.

Sismeek Seadiver Officer

G: What is a Sismeek man?

An ambitious, subtly elegant man – a man driven by passion.

In fact, it’s about more than character or identity – it’s an asset. It’s not so much the man’s character that counts but the overall unified image. The Sismeekman operates within a strong and highly valued environment.

G: Where can you be found?

In the air, on the wrists of pilots in the French Airforce, beneath the waves, on the wrists of French Navy divers, right at the heart of external operations… but I cannot say more than that. You can find us on the wrists of military personnel in about ten or so units of the French Armed Forces.​

Now, if you are asking where you can find us without necessarily involving the army, the answer is straightforward. Today, the best way to find us is to contact us directly.

Sismeek Seadiver Officer Watch

We set great store by proving a flawless service for our clients. Our French marketing network is in a phase of strong development. Having focused almost exclusively on the military for so many months, we are now driven by an overwhelming desire to make our timepieces available to as many ardent fans as possible.​

​​G:  And to round off?

Passion for action​ : “If that goes without saying, then it’s even better to say it ”.

Sismeek Seadiver Officer

To find out more about Sismeek watches, click on the following link to visit the brand website: www.sismeek.com.