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Baselworld 2017: Omega celebrates 60 years of icons in the most sentimental way

Anna Wu-Chauvineau
Le 27 March 2017

The re-editions everyone is talking about this year at Baselworld 2017 are from Omega. Indeed it is the 60th anniversary of the launch of three legendary watches that collectors from around the world are all trying to get their hands on for several years now, and that have become out of reach for most of us. 1957-2017, I’m of course pointing to the trio making not only heads turn, but also increasing prices and creating all sorts of speculation as well: Omega Speedmaster, Railmaster & Seamaster 300.

Omega Trilogy - 60th Anniversary 1957 -Baselworld 2017

Guessing games and rumors became quite intense recently, and especially these last few months. Hopes were high, to say the least, for the re-edition of a Railmaster, a Seamaster 300 CK2913 or the first ever Speedmaster complete with an identical broad arrow and steel bezel, without amplifying the case size in an exaggerated or disproportionate way.

Gents, I know we’re in March, but Merry Christmas. It is with great emotion and tears (of joy) in my eyes that I announce that many wishes have been answered by a 1957 “Trilogy” bearing the same aesthetic features of their ancestors that continues to fascinate us so. Of course, it goes without saying that technical advancements developed over the last 60 years have been harmoniously integrated to the pieces.

Baselworld 2017: New Omega Speedmaster 60th Anniversary 1957

Omega Speedmaster - 60th Anniversary 1957 -Baselworld 2017

The perfect case size, echoing that of the original piece at 38.6mm. Pure joy. Proportions have been respected to even the most minor details, like restoring the former font used at that time for the engravings on the tachymetric scale of the “Speed” of 1957. The incredible feeling I get when holding this piece in my hand is comparable to what I would feel seeing my grandfather again… a body full of passion and spirit. Nothing less of a renaissance.

A matt black dial with “tropical” shine, the broad arrow, Hesalite glass, no shouldering around the crown nor pushers, and a bracelet whose proportions and design follow the famous 1039 we cherish so much. Bravo, 10 out of 10, our sincere compliments and thanks… 

The caliber that accompanies this “new Speedmaster 57” is naturally a hand-wound mechanical movement, the caliber 1861 that we know well.

Price: 6,700 EUR

Baselworld 2017: Omega Seamaster 300 60th Anniversary 1957

The CK2913 is to the Seamaster 300 what the 105.003 is to the Speedmaster: the all-time favorite. It’s exactly this reference that was chosen by Omega for its 60th anniversary re-edition. A fresh new life has been been breathed into the piece today, and one that’s stronger than ever.

Omega Seamaster 300 - 60th Anniversary 1957 -Baselworld 2017

A bi-directional bezel, the same matt dial and markers with “aged” cream-colored super-luminova coating. And the results are excellent. All the way to the smallest details, the crown is adorned with the “naiad” of 1957. Very nice touch. 

Stronger than ever, this Seamaster 300 is also equipped with the caliber Omega 8806 and has been certified Master Chronometer by METAS. Magnetic resistance of up to 15,000 Gauss. Yes, we recently evoked the topic on our French site, and no, it wasn’t a coincidence. 

Price: 6,500 EUR

Baselworld 2017: New Omega Railmaster 60th Anniversary 1957

Omega Railmaster - 60th Anniversary 1957 -Baselworld 2017

The latest newcomer from this “professional” trio of limited editions for the auspicious occasion: an identical Railmaster born from its ashes. The same case at 38mm, the same matt and delicately grained dial with a hint of brown shimmer, just like its fellow associates. The same retro-style bracelet, the same quickening heartbeat when we slide it on our wrist.

Omega Railmaster - 60th Anniversary 1957 -Baselworld 2017

We rejoice to see this simple yet elegant design again. Extremely functional without going overboard on the proportions. For those among you who are being introduced to this gem for the first time, this is the Omega equivalent to a legitimate son of an aged Explorer or Milgauss at Rolex. Simplicity, clarity, and magnetic resistance. Pure elegance.

Like the other models, this Railmaster “revival” has been designed with the aesthetic features of its predecessor, and has also been endowed with the Master Chronometer caliber Omega 8806. Resistance up to 15,000 Gauss? Of course…

Price: 6,300 EUR

Our take

A number of critics will most definitely complain about a lack of originality and risk-taking on Omega’s part in the faithful recreation of their classics. Pardon, but we beg to differ. The evolution is subtle and functional, powerful in precision and in robustness, discreet in aesthetic alterations. The maintaining of proportions and sizes of the said iconic references is a powerful but humble homage to a brand who has capitalized on its illustrious past, certainly, and we commend them.

These re-editions are in the image of an automobile maker who would recreate a car in keeping the same retro codes and proportions as well the same noble materials like the wood and the steel, but without lowering to the level of any inexpensive molded plastic replacements, and incorporating the reliability, power and safety of a modern engine.

Without falling completely into nostalgia (but a little bit we can’t help), we have before us pieces that are directly from the end of the 1950’s, a time of elegance and finesse that has unfortunately faded. These are pieces that also remind us that technological advancements have brought undeniable value to the watchmaking world. A successful wager that we wouldn’t mind seeing more often, in form and in essence…