About us

Taken from watchmaking technical vocabulary, a “Rhabilleur” or a “Rhabilleuse” is a person who manufactures, cleans, adjusts and repairs parts and mechanisms of timepiece

He or she analyzes, examines and detects any malfunctions of a
watch, clock, timer…logo_bgblanc

What is the connection?

Far from pretending to master highly technical aspects of this profession that require passion, rigor and patience, we will adapt throughout our posts, the same intense pleasure to show you the watches, objects, places, themes… that seem interesting to share.

Who are we?

One is called Gabriel, the other Nicolas. They are friends and motivated by the same desire for perfection.

Because for them the only jewel a man shouldn’t separated of is a watch and that, without their timepieces on the wrist they feel – how to say? – Naked!

They feel an uncontrollable urge to discover and share every second, minute, hour, with a maximum of people the world that gravitates around their hands.


A single reason, for pleasure of course!


Through this online magazine. With our computers, as soon as the occasion arises, we will share our discoveries.

Once published you will have ample time to read, comment and submit your opinions.

An article interests you, intrigues you, or even seems inappropriate. It only has to be a few moments to comment or even submit your ideas.

Do not hesitate a single second, become in few clicks a “Rhabilleur” or a “Rhabilleuse” to put the world to rights with us!