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A chrono on two wheels: Tudor feat Ducati

Le 8 July 2013

Last July 2nd, Jorge Lorenzo imposed itself on the autodromo del Mugello after a fascinating weekend on this legendary circuit lost in the green hills of Tuscany. Two days earlier, we landed further north to discover and soak up an exciting world alongside TUDOR watches. A journey that we wanted to share with you today. Welcome to the world of Ducatistis!

Ah, Italy… Its authenticity, its scents, its Aperol Spritz… and its beautiful Italian women. A perfect cocktail to enjoy in the tranquility of municipality of Firenzuola. Well… it depends where you are actually. Because if Italian guys speak loudly, their engines sing just as intensely. On two wheels as on four, when the red color is required, the sharp sound of their gear is heard.

A very different approach compared to the Swiss, who know how to take time. The time to make timepieces that will assess athletic performance of the finest Italians.

In sum, two countries for two philosophies that join together the time of events like the Grand Prix Moto GP at Mugello. But not only.

TUDOR watches and DUCATI have decided to push their collaboration much further by associating themselves for 2 years now in order to thrill Ducatistis and other lovers of fine engineering.

After the release of the first Fastrider chronograph a few years ago, TUDOR unveiled at Baselworld  an even more extensive partnership with Ducati. On one hand, a “Black Shield” watch model that comes in two versions, on the other hand, the customization of a Diavel motorcycle by King Roberto Totti.

A nice program for a journey that allowed us to understand this very special partnership between the two brands. You will see that when Rolex’s the little sister  alias TUDOR awakes to the sound of a Ducati, things get serious.

Here’s exclusively for Les Rhabilleurs, a thrilling report « Al dente » in three steps.

Part. 1 – The world of Ducati

The history of Ducati began in 1926 in Bologna with the production of components for the improvement of the radio transmission. Area, which at that time represented the future. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The first 2 wheel will emerge much later, in 1946, with the famous auxiliary engine called Cucciolo, designed to fit over the frame of bicycles.

But things will evolve quickly for this legendary company where Ducatistis come on real pilgrimage to extasier in front of the many machines produced by the company for 67 years.

A pilgrimage that will make them more eager to drive throw the winding roads of Tuscany at small, medium or high speed to feel that sense of freedom that only a rocket on two wheels can provide.

As for us, we will understand during this first step and through the words of Andrea Ferrara – Director of Ducati Design Centre – that the relationship between watchmaking world and motorcycle’s one plays on performance ; lightweight , power, handling on one side, precision and durability of the other : pleasure and aesthetics.

But then, what shall we say when the search for aesthetic is enhanced by the work of an outstanding artist?

Part. 2 – The Black Shield by Tottimotori

This is what we discovered when we went into the sacrosanct private garage or rather workshop of Sir Roberto Totti, emblematic figure of Tottimotori. A true legend of motorcycles customization.

Behind his mysterious look lies a genuine enthusiast who meets the wildest expectations of his customers by producing machines at once fascinating, powerful and unique.

For the first time in his career he has agreed to work with a brand in order to create a unique model.

From this collaboration will be born a fascinating machine, coming straight out of a science fiction movie, on which we could easily imagine Batman spin through Gotham City to challenge the dark banditry of this imaginary city.

The result is simply stunning, strong, “Dark”, like the watch models of the same name developed by TUDOR this year that suits well on Roberto Totti tattooed arm.

But as the Ducati Diavel revisited by Tottimotori is not usable yet, we shall go back to the bus in order to assist to THE race…

Part. 3 – The Race

Stuck between the hills of northern Tuscany is the Mugello circuit. The Mecca of fans of Moto GP.

On one hand, those who choose the stands as roost, on the other hand “real” fans who do not hesitate to pitch their tent for several days in order to dream to the sound of these instruments of death that engineers carefully develop.

Oh yes it makes noise! And it’s GOOD!

But if there is a Mecca inside the Mecca, it is within the Ducati team.

Everything is clean, even clinical, wondering if we actually are in Italy. Mechanics and engineers are working around the motorcycles that will be tamed by those crazy drivers for whom emerging unscathed from a race weekend is not that evident.

At more than 340 KM / H, the riders and their mounts attack inclined curves of Mugello pushing to the limit the laws of gravity. Incredible!

But what would be a race without timekeeping? Not much after all.

Together with our friends from Hodinkee, we take a malicious pleasure in measuring time between which the Ducati GP cross the finish line, our watches Tudor Black Shield on the wrist.

The new TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield is made of high-tech black matt ceramic with a fiery temperament adding its energy to a TUDOR line dedicated to speed and top performance.

Waterproof to a depth of 150 metres (500 feet) and fitted with direct-action pushers and a screwdown crown in PVD-treated steel, the 42 mm case houses a self-winding chronograph movement with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours.

The matt finish selected for this monobloc case shows off to particular advantage the clean curves and taut lines of this chronograph. It also accentuates the watch’s dimensions and the tachymetric scale engraved on the bezel.

The strength emanating from the case is highlighted by the red features – including the luminescent material – that punctuate the dial. A red seal placed under the sapphire crystal – evidence of rigorous attention to detail – enhances the presence of this model, a perfect tribute to TUDOR watches colour codes. A unique statement of precision and performance, this chronograph is available with either a rubber strap or a leather strap with red stitching.

Another colour, another look: the TUDOR Fastrider Black Shield is also offered in a version combining the matt black of the case and dial with a bronze tint on the hands and hour-markers. This version is available with either a rubber strap or a beige Alcantara strap with black stitching.

Unfortunately, it is time to return them to their owners and go back to the nearest airport our heads full of images and sounds. But especially with an understanding of how a collaboration between two famous brands can take on its full meaning when it is initiated by the passion…

A word to the wise. Ciao !